Why Wrestlemania XXIX Will be Epic

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Hello, and welcome back to Wrestlingnews.net. We are now just five weeks away from the PPV that means more to any Wrestling fan than any other. However, this year, there seems to be a lot of negativity about a card that hasn’t really been confirmed yet.

I’m going to try and remove some of the negativity, and look at the brighter aspects of the card.


I’m not going to refer to this as ‘GREATNESS VS REDEMPTION’. However, there are many things we can look forward to in this match. Over the past few months, we have seen a vast improvement in the matches that Cena has been having on a weekly basis.

For those who read my John Cena biography, you can see examples of Cena’s early work, and there is no better time for the Cenation leader to show improvements than now.

With regards to The Rock, despite being a part-time superstar, I expect to see him wrestle on free TV at least once between now and April 7th. And for a man who has now only wrestled a handful of times over the past two years, Rocky put on two solid, if not spectacular, performances against CM Punk.

When the two men meet at the Metlife Stadium in five weeks, I can only see a Wrestlemania classic. I know last year was meant to be ‘Once in a Lifetime’, but for those fans who don’t read internet news sites, it is probably a dream match, that will draw people who didn’t know they were Wrestling fans.

Cena vs The Rock II, I promise you, will be epic.


Finally a feud that actually makes sense. Whether you agree or not with Jack Swagger’s inclusion in the main event (he could have quite easily blown his last opportunity at the big time), this feud is everything that we have been craving for years.

It is controversial, and t, hat can only bring media attention; as they say, any news is good news. Not only is it controversial, but I feel it is getting Del Rio over as a credible face, something I think he has struggled with.

One of the best things to come out of this feud, is the vocal skills of one Zeb Colter. I had never really seen anything of Dutch Mantel, how Colter is better known, but his mic’ work is nothing short of outstanding. He has helped Swagger get across, although we have yet to see the ‘Real American’ go over a strong face with a non-sneaky victory.

With both men being strong in-ring technicians, if WWE bosses give them enough time, then they will put on a match that could rival any past World Heavyweight Championship Wrestlemania bout.



Nobody complained about two HBK-Taker matches, and very few complained about HHH-Taker the second time round. Let’s not forget that those three men competed against each other numerous times throughout the 1990’s.

So why is everybody so upset about a second Brock Lesnar – Triple H match in the space of eight months. We all remember Brock’s last Wrestlemania match against Goldberg, where both men were booed out of the building, but I can almost guarantee this year will be different.

I can see this match becoming an unsanctioned street fight, with the two men fighting through the stadium. A standard match just wouldn’t do, and I believe the two men have enough experience to put on an encounter to steal the show.



As I write, this match isn’t confirmed, but I don’t need to write much about this. Without a shadow of a doubt, if this happens, this may be the best match in my living memory. In my view, CM Punk is the best worker in the world at this moment in time.



Where will The Shield, Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Wade Barrett, The Miz, Sheamus, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro, Mark Henry and The Big Show.

This could be the Wrestlemania that has a card full of potential main events, and a Wrestlemania that could be the best we have ever seen.

So until we know what is going to happen, and until we see what happens in New York in five weeks time, let’s try and reserve judgement.

Many thanks for reading.

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