Who Is Behind WWE Creative?

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Let’s be honest; sometimes we in the IWC can be harsh on WWE Creative. A select group of writers who are on the road almost every day of the year, having to write, rewrite and re-rewrite up to five pieces of television a week. But who are these men and women? And how did they get to the WWE?


STEPHANIE McMAHON-HELMSLEY  – Executive Vice-President of Creative

Although Vince ultimately has final say on what gets put onto TV, it is Stephanie’s official job to oversee everything that goes on within the Creative Team. Having been in the role for years, it is obvious that she is being groomed to take over the whole of creative when Vince leaves in one way or another, similar to how her husband is being groomed to take overall control. Everything she approves must be approved by her father before it reaches television or wwe.com.

ERIC PANKOWSKI – Senior Vice-President of Creative and Development

Pankowski was hired in February 2012, with the main aim of developing ideas for both in ring and out of ring programming. With this in mind, it is possible that he was the brains behind WWE Saturday Morning Slam. As of October 2012, after the removal of Brian Gewirtz, Pankowski has been overseeing the day to day running of the creative department. Anything that the head writers of Raw and Smackdown write has to be approved before going to Stephanie for approval.

For more information of Pankowski, please go to: http://corporate.wwe.com/news/2012/2012_02_01.jsp

DAVID KAPOOR – Head Writer of Raw

Many of you will know Kapoor as Ranjin Singh, the on-screen mouthpiece of The Great Khali, but Kapoor is also in charge of the writing for the three hours of television we see every Monday night. He possibly has the hardest job of all; having to write and rewrite numerous editions of Raw. Combine that with an on-screen role that only ended in late 2011, and Kapoor is one of the busiest men backstage for the WWE.

ED KOSKEY – Head Writer of Smackdown

Ed Koskey has been with the WWE since 1999, firstly as a writer for Smackdown solely. From 2008, Koskey moved over to the much criticised ECW brand as head writer, combining this role with a writers job for Monday Night Raw. When ECW ended in 2010, Koskey moved full time to Raw, and after Michael Hayes’ role of head writer of Smackdown became available in 2011, Koskey moved over to the blue brand.

WWE also has two writers who work for them on every show, Kevin Eck and Tom Cassielo.

I have left out two other people involved in the Creative process. The first is WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson. Patterson is probably most famous creatively for arranging the layout of every Royal Rumble match. At the moment though, Patterson is preparing Triple H for this role when he is unable to do it anymore.

The second person I have not mentioned is a somewhat controversial character. I have already mentioned Brian Gewirtz earlier in this post, with Gewirtz having worked for WWE since 1998. However, in October this year, Gewirtz was removed from his position as Senior Vice President of Creative after the dropping ratings of Raw and Smackdown during that month. Gewirtz is still on the payroll as a consultant with the company, but is no longer majorly involved in the day to day running of the creative department.


I hope that this has been informative for you all, thanks for reading.


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