Who Will Carry WWE After Wrestlemania?

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It is no secret that the WWE in recent months has been carried by the proven pulling power of past superstars, such as Brock Lesnar, Triple H, and most notably, The Rock. Despite the fact that the current WWE champion is advertised for Extreme Rules at the start of May, it is not expected that any of these men will be around post Wrestlemania. And alongside The Undertaker, these men will be going back to their part-time WWE schedules.

So who will carry the company on their shoulders after the Showcase of the Immortals, and who will step up to fill the main event voids created by these men?


After suffering what can only be described as a gruesome knee injury towards the end of last year, the former NWA Heavyweight Champion has returned in recent weeks, despite the lack of a clear feud. One thing that is noticeable about his return, is the lack of Little Jimmy.

Truth has flirted with the main event scene before, most notably at Survivor Series 2011, where he teamed with The Miz, against the team of John Cena and The Rock. His in-ring work has always been solid, and a heel turn could see him challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship if Jack Swagger is unsuccessful in the ring at Wrestlemania, and in court after it.



We are yet to see the official in-ring debut of Fan-Dan-Goooo, but that is not to say that he does possess some serious in-ring ability. After winning the third male version of NXT, he has already gained the trust and confidence of WWE management, and as Johnny Curtis, has been floating around the main roster for the past 18 months.

Now he has a gimmick that has quickly gotten him over as a heel, Curtis can cement his place as one of the top heels with an expected match against Chris Jericho.

(You can read Evan Burke’s report on why Fandango needs to go over here:

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Whatever happens, WWE needs more heels, and Fandango is getting over very quickly.



Despite the fact that Ryback has had numerous opportunities at the WWE Championship, there is no denying that he is the most over face in the WWE at this moment. A lot of the ‘Goldberg’ chant have died out, and now he has the opportunity to create a mammoth Wrestlemania moment in two weeks against Mark Henry.

If Ryback can lift the World’s Strongest Man, and deliver Shellshock, then the confidence of the WWE Creative team will be fully behind the Silverback. One thing is for sure; WWE has to take advantage of the momentum that he is creating, otherwise they will miss out on a second opportunity to make Ryback top dog.



Earlier this week, I wrote about how there should be no cause for concern over the fact that Dolph Ziggler had not cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Now, the Show Off has the opportunity to own a Tag Team Championship in the run-up to his expected reign as World Heavyweight Championship.

There is definitely no reason for concern in recent weeks; Ziggler is on a winning streak, as well as having some superb TV matches with Kofi Kingston. If WWE really had a lack of confidence in him, he wouldn’t have the briefcase, and he wouldn’t be on the Wrestlemania card ahead of R-Truth, Zack Ryder and other mid-carders.


So the WWE is in safe hands, and with Triple H giving a lot more freedom to performers in terms of  promos, there is no cause for concern…

At the moment.


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