Where did The Shield Come From?

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Hello, and welcome back to Wrestlingnews.net. Last night on Raw, we saw the free TV in-ring debut of The Shield. Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns over the space of the past months, have quickly established a reputation as one of the most fearsome factions in modern Wrestling history.

But where exactly did these three men come from, and what did they do before they reached the WWE?


Real Name - Colby Lopez

Born - 28th May, 1986 – 26 years old

To many of the IWC, Seth Rollins will be better known as Tyler Black, a Ring of Honor stand-out in the same mould as Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. The Iowa native started his professional career in 2005, working for various promotions in the mid-south of America.

One of his earliest mainstream appearances was as part of a tag-team on an episode of Impact for TNA in 2006, losing along with Jeff Luxon against the Latin American Xchange.

However, it was in Ring of Honor that Lopez started to a attract attention. It was also here that Lopez gained his first experience within a dominant stable. For two years, Black and The Age of the Fall dominated the federation, wearing tag team gold twice with Jimmy Jacobs.

It was in 2009 that Lopez became a singles stand-out star. After defeating Jimmy Jacobs inside a steel cage after he left the Age of the Fall, he underwent surgery for a bulging disc in his neck.

Upon his return, Black entered the Survival of the Fittest tournament, with the winner receiving a shot at ROH World Champion Austin Aries. After defeating Kenny King, Black went on to beat Claudio Castagnoli, Chris Hero, Colt Cabana, Delirious and, finally, Roderick Strong to earn a title shot at ROH’s first ever live PPV, Final Battle 2009.

After battling Aries to a 60 minute draw, ROH Commissioner Jim Cornette declared that a judging panel would be established in order to ensure a definite result. However, this panel was not needed as Black pinned Aries, and in turn, became ROH Champion for the first time.

Black’s title reign continued into late 2009, however, Lopez had signed a developmental deal with WWE, and in turn, turned heel. His last ROH appearance also coincided with him losing the ROH Championship to Roderick Strong at Glory by Honor IX in September 2009.

Since 2010, Lopez, now known as Seth Rollins has been a mainstay in WWE Developmental. The first man to win the FCW Grand Slam of World title, Tag titles and 15 minute champion, Rollins will also go down in history as the first ever WWE NXT Champion, a belt he recently relinquished after his debut on the main roster to Big E. Langston.



Real Name - Jonathan Good

Date of Birth - December 7th, 1985 – 27 years old

A Cincinnati, Ohio, native, the man formerly known as Jon Moxley has been a high class performer for close to a decade. Making his debut in 2004, for seven years, Moxley wrestled for the Heartland Wrestling Association, a promotion based out of Cincinnati.

However, it was during his time for Dragon Gate USA and Combat Zone Wrestling that enhanced his blossoming reputation. Between 2009 and 2011, Moxley wrestled for both promotions, wrestling in often hellacious matches that must have pushed his physical limits.

A two-time CZW Heavyweight Champion, Moxley’s in-ring exploits attracted the attention of WWE scouts, and it was in April 2011 that Good joined the WWE under the ring name Dean Ambrose. However, it was not the first time that Good had been inside a WWE ring.

In 2006, Good wrestled on an episode of Velocity, teaming with Brad Attitude in a losing effort against MNM.

After seven months in FCW, Ambrose started touring with the main WWE road crew, although he was once sent home from a Smackdown live event. This was due to the feud he had started with Mick Foley at Wrestlemania Axcess, where he accused Foley of leading a generation astray.

Unlike Rollins, Ambrose was never used on the new series of NXT, taped in Orlando. However, he did continue to tour with live events.


Real Name - Leati Joseph Anoa’i

Date of Birth - May 25, 1985, 27 years old

If the Anoa’i surname is familiar to you, then you will realise that Roman Reigns comes from a long line of professional wrestling megastars. Brother of one time WWE superstar Rosey, and cousin of The Rock, Umaga and Rikishi.

Like his cousin Dwayne Johnson, Reigns started out in American Football, and just like his cousin, he was undrafted in the NFL draft. He almost gained spots on both the Minnesota Vikings roster and the Jacksonville Jaguars, before heading to CFL, and the Edmonton Eskimos.

Anoa’i’s first foray into professional wrestling took place in 2010, and he was soon signed to a WWE developmental deal. A lot of his first year in FCW saw Reigns, at the time using the name Roman Leakee, used as a enhancement talent and also in tag team matches. It wasn’t until 2012 that Reigns started seeing success in FCW. An FCW tag team champion alongside Mike Dalton, Reigns also found success in singles competition.

On February 5th, a match was made that now would seem more than odd.

Leakee vs Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins

The victory for Leakee made him the number one contender for Leo Kruger’s FCW Heavyweight championship. Although unsuccessful in his attempt to win the gold, he, and his other Shield members were being noticed.

As we all know, their debut and subsequent progress since Survivor Series has shown the WWE Universe that Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins are potentially the three biggest stars of the next generation.

But for now they are Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta. And The Shield of Justice will keep on tearing through the WWE.

For wrestlingnews.net, this is James Tee, and thanks for reading.

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