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Before I begin, this isn’t going to be a perfect piece of writing. This is purely how I feel about everything in the business at the moment. This is purely my opinion, so please don’t take offence if you disagree with something I say.

Let’s start with WWE, and let’s start with the top dog; John Cena. I don’t dislike Cena, and to be honest, I think I even like him as a performer. However, his character is stale, but it isn’t aimed at people my age. Cena isn’t the best in-ring performer in the world, but he has the capability to have some decent matches when up against many of the better wrestlers in the company.

But one thing that he needs to change is his predictable mic-work. By that, the Superhero words that are used every month to describe how he will take down The Rock, CM Punk, Ryback etc.

Although, his predictability is nothing compared to that of the man who I cannot stand to watch anymore. Sheamus has become boring, invincible in singles action and I actually find the character of his irritating. There is no point in a Celtic Warrior being this happy go lucky glorified leprechaun. In history, Celtic Warriors were vicious men who were monsters, and that is what Sheamus needs to become. In my opinion, he needs a heel turn more than Randy Orton, whose character in recent weeks has been superb. He has gotten bigger crowd reactions than anyone barring D-Bry, and his ring work has been close to his excellent best.

I did mention Daniel Bryan then, and what can be said that hasn’t been said already about the man  from Aberdeen, Washington. He is by far the most over worker in either TNA or WWE, and is arguably, the best in-ring worker in the world. His work with Kane against The Shield has been the highlight of 2013, and he has helped The Shield become the Main Event stars their potential deserved.

There is one problem with The Shield, and that is how they end the group, or how they take it to the next level. It could either go the way of Evolution, which only created stars, or The Nexus, where all momentum was killed immediately. In my opinion, it is still Dean Ambrose who has the most potential to headline a Wrestlemania in the future, although that is not to say Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns do not possess Main Event potential.

So without being superstar specific, what do I think of WWE at the moment? I would give the overall product 7 out of 10. I think with Triple H taking the lead in developmental, we are definitely going to start seeing more Wrestling on television in upcoming months.  And why have something like NXT on an online subscription site? Here in the UK, we get NXT as part of the Sky Sports subscription, and the content is, arguably, the best hour of Wrestling on my television. If I were in charge I would give NXT two hours a week, and let the talent speak for itself.

I would get rid of the United States Championship at next year’s Wrestlemania in a unification match, but start using the belt as a progression to the main event like it was in the 80’s and 90’s. The whole mid-card scene is pointless at the moment, with a massive divide between the main event and everyone else. There needs to be a believable mid card, where people can pushed through the levels.

And utilise Chris Jericho more. The man has willingly put over Fandango at Wrestlemania, and now is helping Curtis Axel get over, so use him to put over some others, either as an opponent or as a tag partner. The man is a Wrestling legend, and has a passion for the business like nobody else.

The fact is the product isn’t as bad as some of us think, but we are not the only fans who the writers have to cater for, and the fact they have to write on average 8 or 9 hours of television a week makes their job even more thankless. Things have been getting better, but we are all entitled to our opinions.

Now over to TNA, and I think things over at the Nashville based promotion are spread across a much wider spectrum. Let me start with the bad. There feels like a need to have a promotion that revolves around Hulk Hogan, which is something that wasn’t acceptable ten years ago for WWE, never mind for TNA now. The man cannot wrestle any-more, yet would probably have no problem strapping the TNA title upon his wrinkled waist one more time. And Brooke Hogan is arguably the worst female on-screen personality in history. I would rather listen to Aksana read an entire library than watch Brooke for one minute. Her delivery is shocking, and she tweets as if we don’t know that it is a scripted show. Stating the obvious, she wouldn’t have a job if she wasn’t a Hogan.

I also find the new stage layout a little annoying. I understand why they use it, but I have to say TNA was at it’s best when it was unique with the six-sided-ring. Here in the UK, we have something called TNA Greatest Matches, on the Extreme Channel (SKY 419), and almost all the matches are from the Six Side era. That is simply personal preference.

Now to the good, and at the moment, things are very good. There seems to be a genuine pool of talent, and there are around ten or twelve guys who you can look at and say they could be World Champions, something WWE struggles with. The Bound for Glory series is a perfect example of that, and is something that WWE could use to make the main event relevant.

One thing that TNA haven’t been afraid to do is evolve the X Division to keep it fresh, and it has proved to be the best part of TNA programming in recent months.

So thanks for reading and please feel free to comment below, or follow me @JamesTee

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