The Best Five Non-Wrestlers in WWE/TNA Today

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Whether it is as a mouthpiece, commentator or simple valet, the role of the non-wrestler is something that has remained constant throughout the televised history of wrestling.

Here are my top five Non-Wrestlers within TNA and WWE today.


The only entrant from the Nashville based promotion, I have always been a fan of Borash’s commentating style, ring announcing and his presenting role on TNA Today and the Spin Cycle.

JB brings a pure passion to his presentation that is hard to find elsewhere in TNA; Borash brings a fan like energy to TNA that I personally feel they need more of. Don’t get me wrong, Mike Tenay knows his wrestling history, but there are times where he comes across a little robotic.

My ideal scenario would be a return to the two team announcer arrangement that was trialled towards the end of last year, giving Borash another chance to shine.


She is paid to make people dislike her, boo her and find her irritating; Miss Guerrero does that particular job very well. It could be fair to say that she accidentally fell into the business when she married the late, great Eddie Guerrero, but she has grasped her latest opportunity with both hands.

The reason AJ Lee isn’t in this list is for the simple fact that Vickie is miles better at garnering a crowd reaction, and has been consistently good at playing a heel for years. One criticism is the fact she hasn’t been given a real chance at proving how good a superstar manager she could be, after Dolph was given to try and get AJ across.



I’m not entirely sure how easy it is to watch the new NXT in the United States, but here in the UK, we have been blessed by the refreshing commentary of William Regal for the past few months.

With simple methods, Regal has managed to sell the abilities and attributes of superstars in the making, whilst maintaining an entertaining quality. Another thing that makes him so good as a commentator is the fact he clearly knows what he is talking about.

My only worry for Regal is there is one man who has a similar kind of commentating style on television already.


Ever since JBL returned to the commentary booth last year during Jerry Lawler’s enforced time off, the whole of the WWE’s commentary output has been greatly improved. Not only has the three man team worked superbly at PPV’s, but I feel JBL has helped Josh Matthews turn into a legitimate main commentator.

It’s well and good being a basic heel or face commentator, but Bradshaw adds an entertainment and knowledge aspect that is so hard to find amongst other commentators in any promotion. The man is just entertainment whilst on the mic, and the best thing is that he is now a full time member of the commentary team.

There is only one man though who talks better than JBL.


I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t really old enough to appreciate what Paul Heyman did in ECW when the promotion was going in the late 1990’s. My first Heyman experience was when he became colour commentator on Raw shortly before the Invasion angle of 2001.

It’s only looking back now that I realise how good a commentator Heyman was. And now, it is hard to dispute the fact that ever since Paul Heyman joined forces with CM Punk, Punk’s promo’s and mic work has been taken to a level that even I didn’t think was possible.

It isn’t just the vocal ability of Mr Heyman that has taken him to the top of this list. The man can do more with a couple of facial expressions than most of the mid card can do with one minute of mic time.

In short, Paul Heyman is without a doubt the greatest non-wrestler in all of wrestling today.

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