The Best Five Finishers in WWE of 2012

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Long gone are the days of the Atomic Leg Drop; WWE finishers now look like they could do some serious damage. And here, to bring in the new year, are the top five finishers of 2012.


Randy Orton may not be the same Viper we saw back in 2009,10 and 11, but the Apex Predator still has one of the most devastating finishers in all of professional wrestling. The ability to hit the move from almost any position makes it still one of the best finishers around, long removed from the days of DDP’s Diamond Cutter.

It is almost expected that once a year, we see a major RKO, after The Shooting Star RKO on Evan Bourne in 2010, and the mid air RKO on CM Punk during one a classic Wrestlemania match at Wrestlemania 27.

But this year, it was Alberto Del Rio who was the unfortunate victim. Attempting his Top Rope Enziguri, Orton moved, catching the Mexican Aristocrat with a punishing RKO.

Randy Orton RKO’s Alberto Del Rio, Hell in a Cell 2012


Innovated by the great Kenta Kobayashi, the Go To Sleep has long been recognized as one of the most destructive finishers in the world. Debuting the move in ECW back in 2007, the GTS was seen as a quicker alternative to the Anaconda Vice, his submission finisher.

Over the years, it has won many titles and matches for Punk, but this year, it signaled the start of a much needed heel turn.

CM Punk hits the GTS on The Rock


Big E. Langston is now one of the hottest rookies in the WWE. Being assigned to Dolph Ziggler’s side, he has the potential to one of the biggest heels in the whole of the company.

However, back in NXT, Langston was one of the most over heels, culminating in him taking the NXT Championship off Seth Rollins after Rollins’ call up to the main roster as part of The Shield. His finisher, The Big Ending, an Over the Shoulder Cutter, looks brilliant, and even took out the WWE’s Golden Boy, John Cena.

Big E. Langston attacks John Cena



There is no doubting that The Shield have had a bigger impact upon debut than anybody else in the whole of 2012, and probably as big an impact since The Nexus in 2010.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, or Jon Moxley and Tyler Black to others, were renowned independent stars, carrying an impressive reputation from DragonGate USA and Ring of Honor respectively. However, Roman Reigns was seen as the greenest member of the group, despite being part of the Anoa’i family.

The Shield put Ryback through a Table

Their debut appearances, and ultimately, their debut match at TLC proved they have everything it takes to make it big in the WWE, with the Powerbomb leaving a path of destruction in their wake. The question is though; where will The Shield go in 2013?


So who is number one? Maybe it’s the attitude adjustment? That would go down well, but in all seriousness, I must give mentions to Wade Barrett and Kassius Ohno’s spinning elbow finishers, Daniel Bryan’s No Lock and The Knockout Punch from The Big Show.


But my winner is……


Antonio Cesaro is one gimmick tweak away from being potentially the biggest heel in the WWE. As one half of the Kings of Wrestling with Kassius Ohno back in Ring of Honor, Cesaro has been honing his craft for years. Now he has been rightly rewarded with a run as the United States Champion, with the help of The Neutralizer. The move has been impressive since its inception, Cesaro has restored prestige to the title.

2013 will be a huge year for Cesaro, and you can bet your bottom dollar that The Neutralizer will end the hopes of many other superstars.

Antonio Cesaro hits the Neutralizer on Brodus Clay

Antonio Cesaro deadlifts Kofi Kingston into the Neutralizer


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