Scott Hall & The Moment That Changed Everything

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The Moment That Changed Everything

“You know who I am but you don’t know why I’m here…”

It was these words uttered by Scott Hall on WCW Monday Nitro on May 27, 1996 that would prove to be the launching pad for the greatest professional wrestling boom of all-time. It was these words that introduced the former Razor Ramon to the WCW audience, planted the seed for the new World order and ultimately spawned the Attitude Era and the gimmicks we’re still enjoying today.

To say that Hall’s promo was “the moment that changed everything” would almost be understating it.  The new World order was the faction that took WCW to another level and gave Ted Turner, Eric Bischoff and the entire WCW roster an opportunity to compete with Vince McMahon and the WWF empire.  While we all know how the story ended, it was Hall and this promo that forever changed the landscape of professional wrestling.  He might not have been the centerpiece but it was his promo that altered the course of history.

Nearly 17 years later and it’s a different kind of war for Scott Hall.  This time, it’s not him deflecting to a competing organization but it’s a war even more serious.  This time it’s literally a matter of life and death.

The days have been dark for Scott Hall since his rise to stardom as a pro wrestling superstar in the 1990s.  The consequences from decades of drug and alcohol abuse have caught up with him and have spiraled beyond out of control.  Run-ins with police have been so frequent, the officers in Chuluota, Florida know Scott by name.

His family and friends have been alienated and trips to rehab are of no surprise.  Finances have been squandered and the entire world considered Hall to be a lost cause.  ESPN’s E:60 even featured a documentary detailing Hall’s experience with drugs and alcohol in 2011 but nothing changed.  The run-ins with police continued and trips to rehab were ineffective.  WWE has spent six-figures on the best treatment available yet the result is always the same.

In early 2013, Hall was prepared for yet another trip to WWE-sponsored rehab.  He’d just gotten out of the hospital due to a problem with his pacemaker and WWE was looking to place him in yet another facility to treat him.  There were some problems with availability when Sean “X-Pac” Waltman sent Diamond Dallas Page a Direct Message over Twitter, telling him that Hall was in really bad shape.

In October 2012, Page invited Jake Roberts to come live with him in Atlanta, Georgia in hopes of helping get his life straight. While still early in his journey, the results have been astonishing. Most importantly, Roberts, who also has a lengthy history of substance abuse, has remained sober. He’s dropped 60 pounds and looks the best he’s looked in years.

Page contacted Hall with Jake Roberts to let him know they would help him. No one bought it. Scott’s long-time friend Kevin Nash took to Twitter to affirm his doubts. However, DDP called Kev and they sorted out their issues. A couple of days later and it happened.

Scott Hall made it to Atlanta to move in with Diamond Dallas Page at what’s been dubbed the “Accountability Crib.” Just about a month has passed and Hall is sober. Over $100,000 has been raised for him to have hip surgery next week and Scott is showing successful results early on.

Have we just witnessed another “moment that changed everything?” Time will ultimately tell the story, just as it tells the story of that promo all those years ago.  However, I for one am tired of the other outcome.  Reporting a death or another trip to rehab is something I literally despise.  I’m rooting for Hall, the ultimate underdog, to overcome the odds.

Following another tragic death just last week, I’m sick of it.  Today’s April Fool’s Day but it’s no time for jokes.  This is serious.  This is real.  This is someone’s life and I see a glimmer of hope.  A glimmer of hope that wasn’t there just over 30 days ago.  It’s time for another “moment,” this time a moment that sees a different ending.  An ending that doesn’t end in tragedy but an ending that ends in triumph.  An ending that celebrates someone that can overcome and someone that impacted the business so greatly that “if Hall can do it…”  Anyone can.

If Hall, the one everyone had bailed on, can beat the odds…  Then maybe – just maybe – the entire landscape changes.  History is re-written and lives are impacted.  He did it once before when on one saw it coming.  Can he do it again?

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