Legendary WWE TLC Matches – Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

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Hello and welcome to the Pro Wrestling Culture Cloud (PW2C) Countdown! As a preview for PPVs, this section will propose some interesting matches from the past while providing background information about the rivalries going into the bout as well as its aftermath. RING THE BELL!!

Countdown to WWE TLC 2012: 2 days


Match of the Night: Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio (Ladder Match)

This match was part of the penultimate rivalry that the late Eddie Guerrero had before his tragic death. It all started at No Way Out 2005 where he and Rey Mysterio defeated the Basham Brothers for the WWE Tag Team Championship. The teammates, who have always considered themselves best friends, or even family, were convinced by Chavo Guerrero to face each other at WrestleMania 21 instead of defending their freshly won titles. Rey Mysterio would beat Eddie, and tension would rise after losing the titles to MNM (Nitro & Mercury). Eddie’s heel turn started when he walked away from the ring during their rematch, and the feud would go on after several attacks on Rey Mysterio. Following yet another loss at the Great American Bash, where the stipulation was for Eddie not to reveal a family secret if he lost, the Latino Heat had begun to show a dark, twisted side. He would claim that Rey’s son Dominick was actually his own son, claiming he was born out of an illegitimate relationship and later allowed Rey and his wife to adopt him. This whole situation would result in this Ladder match at SummerSlam where Dominick’s custody was in line.

WWE Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero lader by abbott1

Following this match, the rivalry ended with a Steel Cage match at SmackDown. Eddie Guerrero would become #1 Contender for Batista’s World Heavyweight Championship. Sadly, Eddie was found dead on Sunday, November 13 2005. All in all, this rivalry was the ultimate proof that Eddie could handle such a gimmick change, having lost the “Lie, Cheat, Steal” character that made him famous to go in depth with a more serious, dark-side type of gimmick. His “Eddie’s Bedtime Stories” are segments I would definitely recommend; no disrespect to the current workers, but his last promos could put to shame most of what we have seen these recent years. The rivalry itself tells a kind of stories that we no longer witness nowadays, unless the recent winds of change in the WWE launch a new era.

Time to call it quits for tonight. Make sure you come back Saturday night for the 3rd and final edition of the PW2C Countdown where we will feature a TLC match.

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