Pro Wrestling Goes Mainstream – Randy Savage as Rasslor

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Hello and welcome back to the Pro Wrestling Culture Cloud (PW2C)! First and foremost, a belated Merry Christmas to all Christians out there, hoping that you shared some good moments with your families and friends. Speaking of the Holidays, I was wondering whether anybody would be interested in a list of funny promos or gimmick matches that take place at this time of the year. I’ve got a better idea, let’s leave the squared circle for a moment and enjoy appearances made by wrestlers in different TV shows. If this is your first time reading the PW2C column, I encourage you to take a look at this pro wrestling glossary in order to get more familiar with some terms.

The Show: Dexter’s Laboratory

If you are a 90s kid just like myself, chances are you watched a lot of Cartoon Network programs during your childhood. Dexter’s Laboratory is one of their original shows and features a genius young boy with a unique Russian-like accent going by the name of Dexter. He has a secret laboratory with an infinite amount of space and inventions, much to the delight of his biggest threat; his own sister Dee Dee. Episodes of the show were generally 25 minutes long divided into three 7-minute short episodes. These episodes sometimes shifted interests toward secondary stories that turned into regular segments such as Dial M for Monkey, where Dexter’s lab pet Monkey secretly transforms into a superhero and fights all sorts of crime.

The Episode: Rasslor (Watch here, starting at the 7:15 mark)

This is where our legendary Macho Man comes in. The episode is part of the Dial M for Monkey segment where Randy Savage does the voice acting for the Evil character of the day; Rasslor. Managed by Promotor, an alien fly whose hair parodies -or pays tribute to- the famous boxing promoter Don King, Rasslor comes to planet Earth to challenge its best fighters into a wrestling match and threatens to destroy the planet if no contender beats him.

Enough spoilers already. All in all, the episode has been put pretty well. The wrestling part has been portrayed quite nicely with several real moves and submissions, especially considering how many flops the wrestling world has been subject to in mainstream media. This episode can be enjoyed by any age group, whether you are a nostalgic gimmick-wrestling fan of the 80s and early 90s, or just a young kid who loves cartoons. “OOH YEAH!”

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