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It is no secret that many of us crave the days of the Attitude Era. I myself have just finished watching the Attitude DVD, and many memories that were lost in the back in my mind came flooding back. From GTV, to Rikishi diving off of a steel cage onto Val Venis, everything that happened in those late 90’s years helped create a passion for this industry that carries on in me to this day.

We all know, however, that the WWE is fully dedicated to it’s PG rated programming. Although not as bad as it has been, it is fair to say that it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. So what if WWE were to please everybody who craves a show that doesn’t insult their intelligence on a regular basis?

Here are my ideas to make the WWE a more friendly place for everybody?

(note, this is if the WWE do get the WWE Network up and running)

1) A Pure Wrestling Show

It is no secret that there has been a focus on recruiting wrestlers who have perfected their craft in the independent territories. In recent months, we have seen superstars such as Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Antonio Cesaro follow the leads of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk in making big waves on the main WWE roster.

In addition to this, there are an abundance of high class talent in NXT, with people such as Adrian Neville, Kassius Ohno and El Generico all part of a roster full of excellent in-ring talent. (Head over to to find out which two ROH stars may be heading to WWE in the near future.)

So why not utilise this talent, and create a show where there is a sole focus on wrestling and grappling? If there were to be a two hour show a week that had no gimmick matches, with time limit matches were people were given the chance to demonstrate their natural ability, I’m sure that it would bring the art of professional wrestling to a new audience.

On top of that, it would do nothing if not improve the in-ring work of some of the current WWE superstars.


2) A More Adult Set of Programming

It is fair to say that part of the Attitude Era’s success was due to the fact that they had the pressure of WCW Nitro keeping up their standards. However, part of the reason so many people dislike the PG era is the fact that so many gimmicks are aimed at children, with very little for fans of a similar age to myself.

This doesn’t mean I’m asking for expletives every other word, or people hitting each other over the head with chairs and barbed wire baseball bats. I want the people in Titan Towers in Stamford to recognise that we are also fans. We deserve programming that doesn’t make us feel stupid for being fans. Let’s make heels people who people are compelled to hate, regardless of whether they are good wrestlers or not. Let’s make faces people who are cheered for because they make the heels look ridiculous, or put heels in our place.

And turn Randy Orton heel. How can an Apex Predator, a Viper, a man who hears voices in his head, then go and high five fans on the way out of the ring.


3) Make Championships Mean Something

I have to be honest and say that in the run-up to Wrestlemania, I couldn’t give a monkeys about the World Heavyweight Championship. The programme between Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger got boring after the second week of USA vs Mexico. It is only the fact that a new face is carrying the belt which has made the title relevant in recent weeks.

And Kofi Kingston is the United States champion for what feels like the one hundredth time. And where have his other reigns gotten him? It is hard to deny that Kingston is one of the most impressive in-ring workers currently working for WWE, but what is the point of the US Title?

So what would I do?

As Richard Gray has stated in the past, I would get rid of the US Title, for the simple reason that it is totally irrelevant. Add more prestige to the Intercontinental Championship by having some top quality feuds over it, like we saw in the late 1990’s. Let’s not forget that feuding over the IC title helped the careers of The Rock and Triple H amongst others.

And let’s see more guys at the top of the card competing for the World Titles, instead of the same six or seven guys, week after week, month after month.


As I said before, these are just my views, so feel free to comment with your own views and ideas.

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