Five Superstars who should be in the WWE Hall Of Fame

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Members of WNW Premium will have read today about efforts being made by HHH to convince someone that they should be inducted in the Hall of Fame this year. This article got me thinking about superstars who should be inducted to the Hall of Fame in the next few years.

I know some superstars haven’t been inducted due to family opposition or falling out with Vince. But I will include the five people who, if all issues were resolved, would be in the Hall of Fame in the near future.



It was at Wrestlemania VI, WWF Champion Hulk Hogan faced off against the Intercontinental Champion The Ultimate Warrior. It was 1990, and as The Warrior won what was to be his only WWF Championship. It should have been the start of a new era for WWF, yet it proved to be the high point of Jim Hellwig’s WWF career.

Numerous real life feuds with Vince mean it is probably more than unlikely that The Ultimate Warrior will ever be in the Hall of Fame. However, for being the first man to simultaneously hold the WWF Title and the IC Title, Warrior should be a future inductee.



Name not familiar? How about The Brooklyn Brawler? Steve Lomardi has been a mainstay for WWE for thirty years. Lombardi made his debut for the company in 1983, but it wasn’t until 1987 that he became the Brooklyn Brawler.

Now working as a road agent and occasional on-screen talent, there are very few men who have wrestled more televised matches than the Brawler. His last A regular face on Raw and Smackdown during the 90’s and 00’s, it would be fitting if the Brooklyn Brawler was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden in a few months time.



It has been just over ten years since we lost Davey Boy Smith to a heart attack, but still, The British Bulldog has not been inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame. Arguably the first British WWE superstar, Smith was a regular member of both WWF and WCW throughout the 1990’s without ever becoming a world champion.

It was his early WWF career that set up his 1990’s success. As one half of the British Bulldogs with The Dynamite Kid, Smith built a reputation as one of the best in-ring performers of his era.

This reputation was cemented at Summerslam 1992 at Stadium here in the UK. Smith battled real life brother-in-law Bret Hart for the IC title. In what I see as the greatest match seen on this side of the Atlantic, Smith defeated Hart, only after Hart suggested the match to become champion.

Since his untimely death at the age of 39, we have seen his son, DH Smith compete in WWE, but there is no thing like the real thing, and how fitting would it be to see Davey Boy inducted into the Hall of Fame.



One of my earliest, clear wrestling memories was back in 1999, when my Dad told me Owen Hart had died. I didn’t really believe him, and it was only a newspaper article that confirmed the fact. I was nine, and it is around that age where you see the men and women of the World Wrestling Federation as superheroes; it was hard to believe that they could die.

In the years since Owen’s death, I have had the opportunity to watch countless matches, promos and interviews with the man, and all I can say is that it would have been a pleasure to watch Hart wrestle live.

Somewhat overshadowed by his more successful brother, Bret, Owen Hart’s career was as far from failure as humanly possible. Countless classic matches against his brother, the British Bulldog saw Owen go down in history as one of the best technical wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling.

I understand there are legal issues behind the reason why Owen isn’t in the HOF, but I hope, and I’m sure many of you do also, that one day, he will be in there.

And my number one…


I wasn’t really old enough to see Savage in his prime, but there is no doubting the legacy he has left for all fans of Wrestling. His first real breakout moment within the WWF was at Wrestlemania III, where he faced off against Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat in front of 93,000 fans. In a match that is considered one of the best of the 1980’s, Savage entered the match as IC Champion, and despite losing his belt, it was clear that it would only be a matter of time before he was top dog in the WWF.

That moment came at Wrestlemania IV. Hulk Hogan wasn’t champion, and Andre the Giant and Hogan were eliminated in the first round and the stage was set for a new champion.

Savage reached the final, with only Ted DiBiase standing between him and his first WWF Title. With the help of Hogan, Savage won the belt, and would ultimately hold it until the following Wrestlemania, a reign of 371 days.

Another five world title reigns would follow in both WWF and WCW, as well as a role in Spiderman. Savage died in 2011, and again, it appears family issues are stopping him from entering the Hall of Fame.

If he were to be inducted, it would not be a day too soon.


Many thanks for reading, and please, if you agree or disagree,  feel free to add your own suggestions and additions below.

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