Does Ryback Really Rule?

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Going off appearances alone, Ryan Reeves has everything that is needed to be a major player in the WWE. He is tall, built of solid muscle, and looks like a guy you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. And then he talks, and those robotic patterns on his singlet could not be more ironic.

Over the past few months, Ryback has been on the cusp of establishing himself as one of the WWE’s top dogs. After being thrust into the main event of the Hell In A Cell PPV after an injury to John Cena, it was thought that it would be a matter of time before Ryback became World Champion. After being thwarted by first Brad Maddox, and then The Shield on numerous occasions, maybe Ryback was being groomed for a long World Heavyweight Championship reign.

But Alberto Del Rio defeated the Big Show, and was eventually beaten by Dolph Ziggler on ‘that’ Raw. With John Cena the new WWE Champion, and CM Punk about to take a sabbatical, there was soon a gap at the top of the card for a heel, and Ryback was given the push.

And despite the fact that he will headlining Extreme Rules against Cena in a Last Man Standing match, there are obvious doubts over whether Ryback can carry the company in years going forward. His mic-work has been robotic at best, and he can’t seem to shrug off a reputation for reckless in-ring work.

There is one other thing that may be against the Las Vegas native…

Will he ever win a meaningful match on PPV?

Hell In A Cell, Survivor Series, TLC, Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Wrestlemania. Ryback has yet to win a match of meaning at a PPV. In fact, Ryback hasn’t won a PPV match since Money in the Bank back in July, where he defeated Hawkins and Reks in a glorified squash match.

If WWE do put the strap on Ryback, where does the prestige go? You have a man who hasn’t won a PPV match in ten months, and a man who has lost six in a row, suddenly becoming the top guy. You have a guy who has never even won a number one contender’s match, now looking at being the top heel in the company.

In nine days, we may see a Sheamus moment, where a new champion is crowned against all odds, but it would genuinely make no sense. Ryback needs to be re-built, in a series of feuds against established faces, such as The Miz, and the monster may even benefit from a quick feud with Chris Jericho.

But at the moment, Ryback doesn’t rule.


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