Countdown to Royal Rumble – Legendary Matches and Moments (Part 2)

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Hello and welcome to the Countdown to Royal Rumble! As we get closer to the 2013 edition of the WWE PPV, we take a look at some legendary Royal Rumble matches. Tonight’s match dates back to 2001.

Countdown to WWE Royal Rumble 2013: 3 Days

The Best in the World vs The Great One

General Statistics:

Winner: Steve Austin – Entrant #27 (the luckiest entry spot so far)

Most eliminations: Kane – 11 eliminations (current WWE record)

Longest appearance: Kane – 53:46 minutes

Shortest appearance: Tazz – 10 seconds (8th shortest in history)

Royal Rumble 2001: A Pretty Hardcore Royal Rumble Match

Entrant n°7 is about to come out. 4, 3, 2, 1, buzzer beats. It’s Raven… and a Kendo stick! After he and Kane exchange a few strikes and moves, Raven goes under the 1st rope and brings out a couple of trash cans. Later on, we had chairs, kendo sticks and even a guitar used as a weapon. I have to admit, I still popped like a kid when I saw that match again. Bringing weapons to the ring gave the match much more intensity and turned it into an extreme, wild brawl at some points. It comes as no surprise then that Steve Austin last eliminated Kane with a series of chair shots to the head skull. On a side note, this is the Royal Rumble where you can get to watch Drew Carey’s “Hall of Fame performance”, as he ended up eliminating himself right when Raven came to the ring.


After winning the Royal Rumble match, Stone Cold Steve Austin ended his feud with Triple H at No Way Out. He would go on to feud with the WWF Champion The Rock until he captured the title at WrestleMania X7 following an interference by Vince McMahon. The alliance between the long-time enemies turned him heel immediately. As for Kane, who had just formed an alliance with Undertaker as The Brothers of Destruction, he was somewhat demoted at WrestleMania X7 where he captured the WWF Hardcore Championship at the expense of Raven and Big Show. His partner, on the other hand, had a match against Triple H, the same match that was not mentioned by the WWE when The Game challenged The Phenom a couple of years ago.

Royal Rumble Match 2001 by hwfan

The Countdown to Royal Rumble is almost over. However, expect one more flashback this weekend. If you did not read this years’ Royal Rumble Predictions, you should definitely take a look at it and share your own opinion.

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