Countdown to Extreme Rules – Memorable Matches (Part 2)

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Hello and welcome back to the Countdown to Extreme Rules! With Dolph Ziggler suffering a concussion at the hands of Jack Swagger, this year’s Ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship is now an I Quit match. Most of us may be disappointed and sad, but Extreme Rules did witness a pretty good Ladder match before. Let me you back to 2009 where the main-event was Jeff Hardy vs Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Ladder match.

Countdown to WWE Extreme Rules 2013: 1 Day

The fresh World Heavyweight Champion Edge and Jeff Hardy squared off first in a singles match for the title at Judgement Day. Due to an interference by Matt Hardy, then involved in a rivalry with his brother, Edge managed to retain his title. However, SmackDown’s GM Theodore Long decided to give Hardy a rematch, of which the stipulation would be determined by the winner of a non-title match between the two. Jeff beat Edge and opted for a Ladder match.

The unexpected cash-in resulted in a Triple Threat match on RAW a couple of weeks later. With CM Punk successfully retaining, he and Jeff Hardy would engage in a feud using both wrestlers’ real-life personalities; Jeff as the babyface living for the moment (PG way to say junkie? Maybe), and CM Punk as the arrogant better-than-you straight-edge heel. Over the course of their rivalry, CM Punk and Jeff Hardy would exchange wins during the subsequent PPVs until Punk won a TLC match at SummerSlam and a Steel Cage the following SmackDown after which Hardy had to leave the WWE to heal several injuries including a neck injury and herniated discs.

Edge, on the other hand, joined Chris Jericho in a Tag Team titles quest. He was Jericho’s surprise partner at The Bash and defeated the Colons (Carlito & Primo) and Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase jr) in a Triple Threat Tag Team match for the unified Tag Team Championship. Unfortunately for Edge, he tore his Achilles’ tendon during a house show match against Jeff Hardy and was sidelined for 6 months until he won the 2010 Royal Rumble match.

That’s it for tonight. The third and last part of the Countdown to Extreme Rules will be posted tomorrow afternoon. Feel free to comment and suggest your favorite match from previous editions of the PPV.

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