Countdown to Extreme Rules – The Definition of Extreme (Final Part)

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Hello and welcome back to the third and last part on this year’s Countdown to Extreme Rules!

Countdown to WWE Extreme Rules 2013: 8 Hours

Despite the PPV’s short history, I spent quite some time thinking about which match should be featured here. In fact, this is a PPV that seldom gets high expectations, yet it usually delivers a couple of great matches every year. Nevertheless, truth be told, one cannot truly enjoy a show called Extreme Rules without an old-fashioned ECW-style brawl. The one you are about to watch had no storyline, so I might as well leave the floor to these passionate guys right now.

The Dudley Boyz vs Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman by krazyeman

Our Countdown to Extreme Rules is officially over. We hope that you enjoyed the proposed flashbacks as much as you will enjoy the PPV tonight!

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