Countdown to Extreme Rules – Memorable Matches (Part 1)

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Hello and welcome to the Countdown to Extreme Rules! What a better way to resume this series than by letting the bodies hit the floor and going extreme. It is no secret that Extreme Rules is the successor of what was the WWE’s annual tribute to the legendary ECW; One Night Stand. The first edition took place in 2005 after a very successful hype and, probably, that year’s best storyline.

Countdown to WWE Extreme Rules 2013: 2 Days

A year later, ECW One Night Stand 2006 witnessed a one-of-a-kind main-event (no pun intended). On one hand, we had ECW’s fan-favorite, Rob Van Dam cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase for a WWE Championship match. On the other hand, the WWE Champion John Cena. Saying that the Champ was the ECW community’s #1 hated guy would be a huge understatement, but instead of describing the electric and hostile atmosphere the ECW attendance brought to the match, take a couple of minutes to watch the explicit video below.

The build toward the match lived up to the previous year’s great feud and was the first of only two “unusual” cash-ins. In fact, Rob Van Dam decided to schedule the match at One Night Stand to get the support of the ECW crowd. Unfortunately, the WWE usually omits this match to keep selling the opportunistic side of the concept. While the reason is understandable, I believe they are really dropping the ball with the Money in the Bank because this was the best cash-in to date in my opinion; it goes on to show that other creative ways can be found to use the briefcase and push its owner the right way.

John Cena vs RVD WWE Championship by hwfan

Following this match, John Cena was involved in a short-lived feud against other ECW extremists in order to promote the revived ECW brand on ScyFy (now SciFi). Meanwhile, Rob Van Dam, who was offered the ECW Championship for the same occasion, started a feud with Edge for the WWE Championship. Both competitors would meet again on RAW as Edge won his second WWE Championship in a Triple Threat match. On a side note, Rob Van Dam’s title reign was shortened due to his arrest when him and Sabu were caught possessing marijuana.

That’s it for tonight! Come back tomorrow for another memorable Extreme Rules match. Until then, feel free to drop a comment, a suggestion for the next match or your own take on this match. Have a great weekend!

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