Countdown to Elimination Chamber – Legendary Matches (Part 1)

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Hello and welcome to the Countdown to Elimination Chamber! As we get closer to the 2013 edition of the WWE PPV, we take a look at some legendary Elimination Chamber matches. Tonight’s match dates back to 2009.

Countdown to WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: 3 Days

No Way Out 2009: We were all WRONG!

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Going into No Way Out, the PPV that would later be known as Elimination Chamber, Edge was scheduled to defend his WWE Championship in Smackdown’s own Elimination Chamber match. Unfortunately to him, and much to the delight of many fans, he was quickly eliminated by Jeff Hardy and thus lost his title to the last survivor; Triple H. Later that night, RAW’s Elimination Chamber was the main-event and featured the World Heavyweight Champion John Cena defending against Kane, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Kofi Kingston and Mike Knox. However, as Kofi was walking down the ramp, an unexpected attack by Edge took him out and allowed the Rated R Superstar to walk in one of the four cells. When the match was set and done, Edge came out victorious in one of the most unpredictable scenarios Elimination Chamber matches have ever witnessed. The surprise win was obviously the focus of Edge’s delirious promo the following night on RAW as he bragged about how he overcame the odds.

Besides the huge lineup change, the match featured some very solid wrestling by Edge, Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio who received some well-deserved praise for their chemistry. The fact that the three teamed up for seconds in order to eliminate the defending champion and last entrant John Cena also drew a tremendous reaction among the fans both during and after the match.

Going into WrestleMania XXV, things seemed more complicated for Edge because of a love triangle between him, Vickie Guerrero and Big Show. John Cena would take advantage of the affair and win the World Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat match against the two after successfully lifting both rivals and nailing the Attitude Adjustment. However, despite the importance of the title match, the first Streak defense against Shawn Michaels totally stole the show.


If you enjoy the countdown to WWE PPVs, make sure you come back the next two nights for two other legendary matches. Feel free to discuss your favorite highlights or even propose matches.

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