Countdown to Elimination Chamber – Legendary Matches (Final Part)

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Hello and welcome to the Countdown to Elimination Chamber! As a preview for the 2013 edition of the WWE PPV, we take a look at some legendary Elimination Chamber matches. Today we look at Elimination Chamber 2011 where an unusual bout took place.

Countdown to WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: 9 Hours

Elimination Chamber 2011: The Royal Shot

Since two Elimination Chamber matches have been listed already, let us switch to an old-fashioned yet special singles match that took place at Elimination Chamber in 2011. Despite the card being headlined by two classic Elimination Chamber matches, one match stole the show thanks to the emotional and nostalgic atmosphere that surrounded it; that match was Jerry “The King” Lawler’s first shot at the WWE Championship against The Miz.

Jerry earned his match after winning a 7 Men Battle Royal, while the 6 other participants fought in RAW’s Elimination Chamber to determine the contender for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XVII. The match was more or less the culmination of the transitional feud between Lawler and The Miz, a feud that started when Miz successfully cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase and won the WWE Championship from an injured Randy Orton, which caused Lawler to openly criticize him. Michael Cole’s multiple interferences in favor of The Miz even cost Lawler a TLC match against the champion. While the match was far from a technical wrestling clinic, it is still a piece of history that every Lawler fan should watch.

Jerry Lawler’s in-ring program continued with a match against his commentary partner Michael Cole at WrestleMania XVII. With Steve Austin as the special guest referee, Lawler’s “humiliating” lesson backfired when “our dear” Anonymous General Manager reversed Stone Cold’s decision. This ultimately obliged the fans to listen to Cole’s incessant bragging about his undefeated WrestleMania streak. As for The Miz, he successfully defended his WWE Championship against John Cena after The Rock interfered and delivered the Rock Bottom on the challenger. His title reign ended one PPV later as Cena won a Triple Threat Cage match also involving John Morrison.


The Countdown to Elimination Chamber is officially over. We will resume the feature when WrestleMania XVIII gets closer. You can suggest your own favorite WrestleMania match in the comments section in the meanwhile. Enjoy your Sunday!

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