5 Rock/Metal Bands WWE Should Induct Into the Hall of Fame

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Hello and welcome to the first installment of the Pro Wrestling Culture Cloud,  the PW2C that is! Throughout this blog, you will be introduced to several aspects of the wrestling business, ranging from mainstream topics to the trivial, little known facts. Our only goal is to help you discover and refine your knowledge in pro wrestling while having fun and sharing your passion with other fans… You’re welcome!!!

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Whether you watch it for the action, the storylines, or the pyros and flashy lighting effects, you cannot deny the crucial role that music plays in the world of pro wrestling, as the business would not be the same without its catchy, often extreme music. Its importance can go as far as making or breaking gimmicks -characters in pro wrestling-. In order to stick to its central topic, this entry will only consider metal and hard rock bands who are eligible for Vince McMahon’s Hall of Fame. Why? Simply because these bands made a significant contribution to the WWF/WWE and partly shaped it into what it is today. And let’s be honest, can we say the same about celebrity inductees such as Drew Carey?

Before we start the list, though, I feel it is mandatory to pay tribute to Jim Johnston. Here is a music composer who joined the WWE in 1985 and, to this day, is the mastermind behind the majority of the tracks used in the company, including many that are listed in this article. If you appreciate his efforts as much as I do, feel free to propose a date where we can make his name trend on Twitter during WWE Raw! #JimJohnstonHoF

1. Drowning Pool

If there is any band that deserves a Hall of Fame induction, it must be Drowning Pool. This band may be the reason behind the use of alternative and nu metal songs. Their most famous work in the WWE has to be “Bodies”; pro wrestling fans have been screaming the line “Let the bodies hit the floor” as early as 2001 when Stephanie McMahon and ECW were part of the invasion angle. The song would later become the official ECW One Night Stand theme song as well as the first intro for ECW on Sci Fi.

Drowning Pool music was also played weekly in our TV with Smackdown’s opening “Rise Up”. Due to a change in their lineup, two versions of the song have been used between 2004 and 2008. In addition to the official theme song “Tear Away”, they performed their own version of Triple H’s song “The Game” live at Wrestlemania X8.

2. Saliva

This one should be a no-brainer to any regular WWE fan as well. Saliva probably holds the record for most songs used by the WWE with a total of 9. While their music is classified as alternative metal, it has significantly evolved from their early rap metal days when the Dudley Boyz got their “Turn the Tables” entrance in 2001.

Saliva’s other notable contributions consist of Batista’s “I Walk Alone” during his first singles push back in 2005. Their song “Don’t Question My Heart” was also the theme song for WWE’s infamous revival of ECW. Last but not least, “Welcome to the Show” was the official song for Wrestlemania 23, which I personally consider as the last Wrestlemania with a truly solid midcard.

3. Slam Jam

Pull the siren, start the thrashy riffs, unleash the barking dogs, and headbang your way into your weekly episode of WWF RAW with a “Thorn in Your Eye”!

That was a small tribute to any die-hard Attitude era fanatic. For those who do not recognize this name, Slam Jam was a WWE supergroup headlined by Scott Ian, the heart and soul of the thrash metal band Anthrax. Along with Jim Johnston, Slam Jam managed to release two of the most iconic RAW theme songs: “Thorn in Your Eye”, which was used for the intro, and “All Together Now” that opened the 2nd hour known as The War Zone. Both songs lasted about 5 years, from 1997 to 2002, but it doesn’t stop them from sending chills down our spines whenever we hear them does it? Any ignoramus out here lacks a clue? Here you go. You’re welcome!

4. Chris Warren (aka The Chris Warren Band)

For someone who is barely recognized in the rock/metal scene, Chris Warren has enjoyed quite some success as the vocalist of WWF-made group The DX Band. He is the lead singer in D-Generation X’s legendary song “Break It Down”, the same track from which both X Pac and Mike Tyson’s theme songs were inspired. The band also played Triple H’s -and Stephanie McMahon’s- first bad-ass song “My Time” in 1999.

5. Motörhead

Just like the DX Band between 1997 and 2001, Motörhead are associated with almost any song used for Triple H from 2001 onwards. In fact, not only did the hard rock legends record the famous “The Game” for the Cerebral Assassin by early 2001, they also played Evolution’s entrance “Line in the Sand”. In early 2006, they released the alternate theme song “King of Kings” that made me wonder whether Triple H has ever asked the WWE locker room to bow down to him just like he does when he poses for the fans… I know he hasn’t, now has he?

Motörhead sang “The Game” live at Wrestlemanias X7 and Wrestlemania 21. Oh, and did I mention that Triple H had the same beard as their lead singer ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister? The Game seems to appreciate these guys, and rightfully so!


That wraps up our topic for this time. If you have comments or questions, feel free to discuss them in the comments section below. I also encourage you to post any suggestions for future topics of interest to you, and I will do my best to cover them all in upcoming installments. Until then, have a nice week!

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