5 More Moments Layin’ the Smacketh Down

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Hello and welcome back to the Pro Wrestling Culture Cloud (PW2C)! Whether you are a die-hard pro wrestling fan or a casual fan looking for more information, this is the place to be. This was a very special week for the WWE, as both flagship shows witnessed the return of The Rock who delivered two great promos with CM Punk on RAW, and Rhodes Scholars on Smackdown. Since the vignettes shown on Smackdown to promote The Rock’s return were short, you can get to (re)live several great moments on Smackdown right here, courtesy of The Brahma Bull himself.


1. The Rock tells a “little” story

As The Rock and Steve Austin were engaged in separate rivalries with Kurt Angle and William Regal respectively, a tag team match was booked by commissioner Mick Foley after Angle and Regal both complained about Foley’s unfair treatment. The tag team match would main event the show later on. Before that, though, The Rock had some time to comment on whether he would coexist with Steve Austin despite their huge vendetta but instead opted for a funny “little” story. Remember, however, that the story is not necessarily of the children bedtime kind.

2. The Rock has fun with the people’s camera

The Rock promoted his Royal Rumble match against the Undisputed WWE Champion Chris Jericho with a nice promo, claiming that he would beat him and defend the championship at WrestleMania X8. He also mocks the fact that every wrestler on the roster has guaranteed to win the Royal Rumble, which made him take the camera and point it at random fans stating that each of them is saying he can win the Royal Rumble. The segment gets more serious when Jericho shows up on the ramp and exchanges words with The Great One.

3. Off the air – Mick Foley saves The Rock from humiliation

Here is some footage from an off-the-air segment where The Rock was cutting a final promo to send the crowd home and accidentally dropped his sunglasses. Being the egomaniac that he was (kayfabe or not), he just could not bend over and grab his glasses from the mat until Mankind (Mick Foley) saved the day.

4. WWF Championship Match – The Rock vs Triple H

Following the pilot episode on April 29th, 1999, Smackdown aired its first episode on August 26th, 1999 that was headlined by a WWE Championship match between then champion Triple H and his challenger The Rock. Later on, commissioner Shawn Michaels makes himself the special guest referee to ensure complete fairness. All in all a nice, albeit short, main event.

5. Heel Rock dominates Hogan on the mic

No Way Out 2003 is closing in and Hulk Hogan has made his comeback. Vince McMahon insults Hogan and gets challenged for a match at the PPV. Instead, Vince McMahon books a WrestleMania X8 rematch between Hogan and The Rock. The People’s Champ, who disappeared since his loss to Brock Lesnar the previous SummerSlam, had enjoyed significant success at Hollywood. His segments with Hogan such as the one above turned him heel in the process.

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