13 Reasons Why 2013 May Be WWE’s Biggest Year Yet

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Cover of January 2013 WWE Magazine

Cover of January 2013 WWE Magazine

In the January 2013 issue of WWE Magazine the company has a feature titled “13 Reasons Why 2013 May Be WWE’s Biggest Year Yet.” You can read the feature below:

1. The Road to Wrestlemania leads to New Jersey

2. New Superstars!
Touting the company’s deal with Hulu Plus that will give access to the revamped WWE NXT.

3. New Action Figures

4. Anniversaries
Specifically mentioned are Raw’s 20th Anniversary in January as well as September as the month that Paul Heyman took the reigns of ECW

5. WWE Records Broken

6. WWE Studios’ Huge Lineup

7. Movie Blockbusters Mean New Kofi Gear

8. WWE Magazine Goes Digital

9. New DVDs
Specific titles mentioned:

  1. Best of Nitro in February
  2. Compilation of the Best of In Your House in April
  3. Bret Hart DVD in March
  4. War Games compilation in September

10. More Tag Teams

11. Ryback Adds Essential Metals to his Diet

12. Legends Return
Which legends will return for the 20th Anniversary of Raw and what about surprises for Royal Rumble?

13. AJ Lee – Future Divas Champion One Day?

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