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  • newDetails On Next Week’s Episode Of Total Divas
    Below is the synopsis for next week’s episode of Total Divas: “The House Sitters” Ariane ends up losing Nattie’s cat while house sitting. T.J. and Nattie are unable to agree about money. Brie teaches Nikki a lesson. Make plans to join our Tot…
    - 12 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 8:30pm -
  • newPaige Talks Rise To Divas Champion, Where Is Trevor Murdoch?
    Paige Interviewed by Michael Cole WWE Divas Champion Paige is featured in this week’s kayfabe sit-down interview with Michael Cole. In it, she discusses her journey to beating the longest-reigning Divas Champion in WWE history. You can watch at thi…
    - 13 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 7:12pm -
  • newCesaro Says He Started From The Bottom & Worked His Way Up
    Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald has a new article online featuring quotes from Cesaro. In it, he discusses his rise to prominence as a Paul Heyman Guy. Below is an excerpt: “It has been a great two years,” Cesaro said. “I started at the botto…
    - 13 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 6:56pm -
  • newBrandi Rhodes Shows Off Bikini In New Vlog, Stephanie McMahon To Apologize On Raw
    Brandi Rhodes Shows Off Bikini Brandi Rhodes spent Easter Sunday alone and documented her time in a new video blog, where she tried on one of her own bikinis for her fans. You can watch it at this link or embedded in the video below: Stephanie McMaho…
    - 15 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 5:18pm -
  • newNew TNA TV Deal, Taz’s Thoughts On Raw, Sacrifice Betting Odds
    - TNA Wrestling announced an agreement with Nuvolari TV in Italy. The deal will make Impact Wrestling available every Friday at 8.30 PM with with repeats on Saturdays at 4.30pm and Sundays at both 9am and 10.30pm. Pay-per-views and One Night Only sho…
    - 15 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 5:07pm -
  • newForcing Cesaro Heel, WWE Stars Finding Gyms, WWE Network Replays, Who Deserves A Push
    The following is today's edition of Ask WNW. Ask WNW is the most popular feature on the website where Richard Gray answers four questions daily, Monday through Friday. To submit your question for the next installment of Ask WNW, click hereThe post…
    - 16 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 3:51pm -
  • newMikey From Spirit Squad Works WWE Taping In Hershey
    We noted here on that Bo Dallas went over a local worker in a dark match prior to this week’s Smackdown taping in Hershey, PA. The worker was actually former WWE worker Mike Mondo. He Tweeted the following after the bout: Man…
    - 18 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 2:07pm -
  • newUpdates On John Cena & Daniel Bryan, They’re Back, What You Won’t See On Smackdown
    WWE TV Taping Notes from Hershey… - Neither John Cena nor WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan worked this week’s tapings. The storyline is Bryan was at home resting when he was given time off due to the death of his father. Bryan is sched…
    - 18 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 2:02pm -
  • newVideo Highlights From WWE Main Event Featuring Big E vs. Alberto Del Rio
    Below are video highlights from this week’s episode of WWE Main Event: Sheamus vs. Titus O’Neil: El Torito vs. Hornswoggle: Big E vs. Alberto Del Rio: If you missed the show, CJ Blaze has a complete recap at this link.The post Video Highlights F…
    - 18 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 1:53pm -
  • newMick Foley Explains Disappointing WWE Video Game Payouts
    We reported last week that Mick Foley “probably won’t” sign his new WWE Legend’s Contract over the low payout for WWE2K14. Foley has expounded in a new blog posted on Facebook. You can read it below: Post by Mick Foley.The post Mick Foley Ex…
    - 18 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 1:50pm -
  • *Spoilers* Full Smackdown Taping Results From Hershey, Pennsylvania
    The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.The post *Spoilers* Full Smackdown Tapin…
    - 1 day ago, 23 Apr 14, 2:03am -
  • RAW Is Blogged – He’s Got The Whole World…
    Seeing Evolution looking spiffy en masse this week kept me thinking about where they could go. Obviously they’re going to help get The Shield over that much more, but beyond that, where will they go as a group? Times have changed, and it seems, at…
    - 1 day ago, 23 Apr 14, 1:46am -
  • WWE Main Event Results (4/22/14) – El Torito/Hornswoggle Rematch, Ryback vs. Jimmy Uso
    WWE Main Event Results (4/22/14) From the GIANT Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania Reported by CJ Blaze of Welcome to WNW’s live coverage of Main Event! Big E makes his way to the ring for the opening match. Alberto Del Rio ent…
    - 1 day ago, 22 Apr 14, 11:25pm -
  • Kayfabe Daniel Bryan Update
    WWE sent out a “breaking news” kayfabe alert on Daniel Bryan’s health on Tuesday evening. The update stated Bryan was “diagnosed with a cervical cord neurapraxia” and he’s currently resting at home. The biggest thing of note is that Bryan…
    - 1 day ago, 22 Apr 14, 11:24pm -
  • Monday Night Raw Audience Down Against NBA Playoffs
    This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw did an average viewing audience of 4,139,333 viewers on the USA Network. Below is how the viewership broke down by hour: Hour one – 4,224,000 viewers Hour two – 4,395,000 viewers Hour three – 3,799,000…
    - 1 day ago, 22 Apr 14, 11:03pm -

  • Reaction To Dixie Carter’s Q&A: Part Four
    Question: Are there any plans to have any future Impacts or a PPV in any of the Canadian markets? Dixie: A tour is being planned now. No PPV or Impact at this time, but we will in the future. UFC is known for their international fighters and being in…
    - 1 day ago, 23 Apr 14, 12:32am -
  • Wrasslin Ramblins

    - 1 day ago, 22 Apr 14, 11:09pm -
  • Which ROH Wrestler TNA Should Hire – 4/21/2014
    TNA should hire Matt Taven. Matt Taven is a former Ring of Honor Television Champion. Matt Taven has held the Ring of Honor World Television Championship longer than anyone else. Taven was the ROH Television Champion for 287 days. Matt Taven has incr…
    - 2 days ago, 22 Apr 14, 2:39am -
  • Top 10 TNA Knockouts Of All Time
    Since the Knockouts division formed in 2007 and even before then, women with all different gimmicks, wrestling styles, and backgrounds have come in and made an impact in the knockouts division. In this article, I will be naming the top 10 Knockouts i…
    - 2 days ago, 22 Apr 14, 12:31am -
  • Willow: Mediocrity At Its Best
    The first vignette of Willow had me interested. I was looking forward to seeing him debut. Which for me is surprising because I never liked Jeff Hardy. But I thought this was fresh character, it could bring something new, something different. Even my…
    - 4 days ago, 20 Apr 14, 6:43pm -
  • Dixie Carter Reveals TNA’s Problem – Their Inability To Capitalize
    This past week’s Impact Wrestling kicked off with Eric Young walking to the ring and giving a heartfelt message to all of the fans about winning the TNA World Championship last week. It took him 17 years to get to this spot. However, just as fast a…
    - 6 days ago, 18 Apr 14, 1:00pm -
  • TNA PPV Model Part 3: Live Specials
    In my previous two articles on the TNA PPV Model I determined what I liked and did not, read at this link and also how I would fix what I did not like at this link . In this article I am going to examine the Live Specials. I enjoy these specials on…
    - 6 days ago, 17 Apr 14, 11:50pm -
  • Project Magnus – The Long Term Plan Part 2
    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another article. We witnessed another huge TNA Impact. I believe it was a live event for the privileged American fans that had already promised an enticing program. I just knew there would be a World Title match and I…
    - 6 days ago, 17 Apr 14, 11:23pm -
  • My Thoughts On The Returning Six Sided Ring
    In a newly uploaded video on our official YouTube account, I give my thoughts on the returning six sided ring in TNA Wrestling. While the return date is a secret, I describe how much of an impact it had in early TNA days but what it made TNA look lik…
    - 6 days ago, 17 Apr 14, 9:49pm -
  • Why The Hate For Spud?
    There has been a sort of fallout lately over TNA resigning their talent to multi-year contract extensions. A lot of the IWC is giving TNA flak for not being able to resign Sting or AJ Styles when TNA is resigning Robbie E and Rockstar Spud. I would l…
    - 7 days ago, 17 Apr 14, 7:15pm -
  • Should Low-Ki Stay In TNA Full Time, Poor Booking Of Bobby Lashley Sine Returning, What Will Jeff Jarrett Do With His TNA Shares, Is It Better For Austin Aries Just To Leave TNA
    So, welcome to another installment of #TNATalk as I answer your questions you sent to me involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by u…
    - 7 days ago, 17 Apr 14, 5:52pm -
  • TNA Saturday Night Xplosion Saturday April 5th 2014
    Following on from my last column we now head onto Saturday Night Xplosion as we head towards the next One Night Only special in May! Opening gambit – a look back at Thursday Night Impact! ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the Imp…
    - 7 days ago, 17 Apr 14, 4:28pm -
  • Eric Young: How Soon Will He Drop The Championship, Will He Increase Viewership, Did Eric Young Deserve It
    So, welcome to another installment of #TNATalk as I answer your questions you sent to me involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by u…
    - 7 days ago, 17 Apr 14, 1:28am -
  • Rockstar Spud Is Added To The List Of Talent With Contract Extensions
    We have been following the series of developments all week long right here on on talent receiving contract extensions with TNA Wrestling. The following all signed multi-year contracts with the company: James Storm Gunner Robbie E The next…
    - 7 days ago, 17 Apr 14, 12:19am -
  • The EY Factor
    What a Week !!! Last week was just epic!! Last week, God, Vince and TNA proved that anything could happen and made our jaws drop wide open in disbelief. 10 days ago we saw Brock ending the Undertaker’s streak, last week the Ultimate warrior pass…
    - 7 days ago, 16 Apr 14, 11:05pm -
  • TNA Thursday Night Impact Thursday April 3rd 2014
    Following on from my last column we now head onto Thursday Night Impact and all the fallout from One Night Only 2 days earlier! Opening gambit – a look back at One Night Only. The pyro goes off in the arena and Tony Schiavone, ‘The Professor’ M…
    - 8 days ago, 16 Apr 14, 6:47pm -

WWE YouTube

Paige describes her journey to the Divas Championship and hints at the future
In a sit-down interview with Michael Cole, 21-year-old Divas Champion Paige discusses her upbringing in Norwich, England, the emotions surrounding her title win the night after WrestleMania and her lofty goals as "The Diva of Tomorrow."
- 13 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 6:56pm -
See how Brandi Rhodes spent her Easter Sunday - Video Blog: April 23, 2014
Brandi Rhodes aka NXT's "Eden" takes us along for her Easter Sunday happenings.
- 16 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 4:17pm -
A look at John Cena's extraordinary career
A look at John Cena's career before his makes his return to the ring at Hell in a Cell.Check out a video game remake of this video -
- 18 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 2:40pm -
Five Extreme WWE Superstars
This week on Five Things, we look at five of the most extreme WWE Superstars. Who do we think will benefit most at Extreme Rules?
- 18 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 2:02pm -
El Torito vs. Hornswoggle: WWE Main Event, April 22, 2014
It's round two between Hornswoggle and El Torito on WWE Main Event!
- 1 day ago, 23 Apr 14, 1:24am -
Big E vs. Alberto Del Rio: WWE Main Event, April 22, 2014
Big E looks to get his win back from Alberto Del Rio on WWE Main Event.
- 1 day ago, 23 Apr 14, 1:22am -

  • AJ Lee & CM Punk Getting Married, Are John Cena & Nikki Bella Next?
    WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee showed up at TVs this week wearing an engagement ring and will reportedly marry former WWE star CM Punk. That’s not where the WWE wedding gossip stops. On Tuesday during the open of the Wrestlemania 30 Press Conference in…
    - 22 days ago, 2 Apr 14, 1:35pm -
  • Divas Raw Rebound – Summer Rae vs. Natalya & AJ Lee vs. Naomi
    Here’s the Divas Raw Rebound, offering recaps and videos from this week’s Divas matches. Kendra Bunyon of Wrestling News World has the call: Summer Rae vs Nattie Summer Rae still in the ring dancing around and showing off her Barbie legs. Vickie…
    - 22 days ago, 2 Apr 14, 1:30pm -
  • Tamina Beats Nikki Bella On This Week’s WWE Main Event
    Tamina went over Nikki Bella on this week’s episode of WWE Main Event. Wrestling News World‘s CJ Blaze had the call: Renee Young interviews The Bella’s backstage. No matter what happens that day, they are prepared despite getting ready Bryan’…
    - 22 days ago, 2 Apr 14, 1:23pm -
  • How The Winner Of The Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational Will Be Determined
    It was announced on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw that the Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational will be a one fall to the finish match at Wrestlemania XXX. All Divas will be in the ring and the first to get a pinfall will be Di…
    - 23 days ago, 1 Apr 14, 1:09pm -
  • This Week’s Episode Of After Total Divas
    This week’s episode of After Total Divas is now online at this link. You can also watch in the video embedded below:The post This Week’s Episode Of After Total Divas appeared first on
    - 24 days ago, 31 Mar 14, 4:27pm -
  • Video Highlights From This Week’s Episode Of Total Divas
    Below are video highlights from this week’s episode of Total Divas: The Divas check out their new Mattel action figures Natalya talks to Fandango about her issues with Summer Rae Daniel Bryan talks to Cameron about her new song Summer Rae confronts…
    - 24 days ago, 31 Mar 14, 4:23pm -
  • The Bella Twins With John Cena, Divas Report From Charlottesville
    The Bella Twins were with John Cena at the 2014 Kids Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday night. Below is a photo from Instagram: Meanwhile, at Saturday night’s WWE live event in Charlottesville, VA, Emma teamed with Dolph Ziggler to take down…
    - 25 days ago, 30 Mar 14, 4:34pm -
  • Lita Says The WWE Divas Division Hasn’t Recovered From The Hit It Took
    Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald has a new article online featuring quotes from 2014 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Lita. Lita said it was Stephanie McMahon that made initial contact with her via text message about her Hall of Fame induction. Lita talks…
    - 25 days ago, 30 Mar 14, 4:28pm -
  • Weekend Report w/Photos – The Bellas, Eva Marie, Emma & More On WWE Live
    The Bella Twins teamed with Eva Marie to beat Alicia Fox, Aksana and Layla at Friday night’s WWE live event in Raleigh, North Carolina. The finish saw Nikki Bella hit Layla with the Rack Attack to get the pinfall victory. @nicoleandbri at #WWERalei…
    - 26 days ago, 29 Mar 14, 5:26pm -
  • Madison Rayne Beats Gail Kim At TNA Live Event In Lincoln, Nebraska
    TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne successfully defended against Gail Kim at Friday night’s TNA live event in Lincoln, Nebraska. Prior to the match, Gail told her she is a horrible friend and should just go home and be a mom. Madison said she is…
    - 26 days ago, 29 Mar 14, 5:20pm -
  • Smackdown Results – The Bella Twins Beat WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee & Tamina
    The Bella Twins beat WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka on this week’s episode of WWE Smackdown. Adam Wacker had the call in his results report: Diva’s Champion AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka vs. The Bellas Twins (Brie and N…
    - 26 days ago, 29 Mar 14, 3:34pm -
  • Videos – Emma vs. Summer Rae & Natalya vs. Charlotte
    Below are a couple of Divas matches that took place this week on WWE television on WWE Network. If you can’t get the videos to play in the players below, you can click the links above them to open in YouTube: Emma vs. Summer Rae: WWE Superstars: Na…
    - 27 days ago, 28 Mar 14, 2:27pm -
  • Velvet Sky Discusses Pursuing Pro Wrestling, What If She Didn’t Wrestle, Advice To People Wanting To Break In
    The Waterbury Observer has a new Q&A piece online with Velvet Sky. Below are highlights: Pursuing professional wrestling as a career: I sort of blew everyone’s minds, but knowing I was always athletic and the wild crazy one of the group, it was no…
    - 27 days ago, 28 Mar 14, 2:22pm -
  • Awesome Video Of Natalya Granting Her First Wish
    Natalya’s first wish granted throughout the Make-A-Wish foundation is featured on next week’s episode of Total Divas. You can watch a preview at this link or embedded in the video below:The post Awesome Video Of Natalya Granting Her First Wish a…
    - 28 days ago, 27 Mar 14, 6:26pm -
  • Gail Kim Blames Lei’D Tapa’s TNA Release On Inexperience
    Gail Kim was asked about the TNA release of Lei’D Tapa in a recent interview with Smart Mark Radio. In it, Kim put Tapa over as a “great girl” but explained she was very inexperienced and that it wasn’t enough right now. She likened it to her…
    - 28 days ago, 27 Mar 14, 1:38pm -
  • WWE Main Event Results – 5-on-5 Divas Tag Team Match
    There was a 10-Divas Tag Team Match on this week’s live episode of WWE Main Event on WWE Network. CJ Blaze had the call on Natalya, Eva Marie, Cameron, Naomi, and Emma vs. Summer Rae, Layla, Fox, Aksana, and Tamina Layla sla…
    - 29 days ago, 26 Mar 14, 1:26pm -
  • Total Divas Bonus Clip – Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella At The Gym
    A bonus clip that wasn’t included on this week’s episode of Total Divas is online at this link. You can also watch in the video embedded below:The post Total Divas Bonus Clip – Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella At The Gym appeared first on DivaKnockou…
    - 30 days ago, 25 Mar 14, 1:06pm -
  • Raw Results: Naomi vs. AJ Lee With Video
    Naomi faced WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Below is a recap from Kendra Bunyon’s report on Naomi vs AJ Dactyls out in black and white, Naomi still sporting her eye patch. AJ skips out…
    - 30 days ago, 25 Mar 14, 1:03pm -
  • Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational Announced For Wrestlemania 30
    The Divas match at this year’s Wrestlemania 30 pay-per-view was officially announced. The bout, called the Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational, will feature AJ Lee defending the Divas Championship against the following women: Naomi Came…
    - 30 days ago, 25 Mar 14, 12:54pm -
  • Former WWE Diva Confirms She’s Pregnant
    Stacy Keibler and her husband Jared Pobre have confirmed (through their reps) to People magazine she is indeed pregnant. Keibler also announced the news through an Instagram photo on Monday: Stacy is due this summer. Click here for coverage by People…
    - 31 days ago, 24 Mar 14, 8:12pm -

Wrestling DVD News

TNA Wrestling YouTube

#IMPACT365 Gunner Serves Up James Storm A Cold One! (Florence, SC 4/17/14)
From the IMPACT World Tour live event in Florence, SC., Gunner takes it to the Cowboy James Storm in a street fight!
- 3 hours ago, 24 Apr 14, 5:10am -
Xplosion Match: Davey Richards vs. Robbie E
For more information and to find out where you can watch Xplosion go to http://www.impactwrestling.comFor Merchandise go to
- 9 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 10:47pm -
Spin Cycle: Wet N' Wild Trivia Showdown
Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, ODB and Zema Ion all take place in the Wet and Wild Trivia Showdown. If you answer correctly you are safe... however.. if they answer incorrectly... you'll have to watch! Jeremy Borash Hosts. For more information and…
- 9 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 10:47pm -
ShopTNA.COM: Cowboy James Storm is Sorry... Not Sorry!
The Cowboy James Storm is back with this exclusive video all about his brand new shirt!
- 11 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 9:10pm -
#IMPACT365 What Has Been The Biggest Sacrifice of Your Career?
As we get ready for Sacrifice on PPV this Sunday, we asked the stars of IMPACT Wrestling what they felt the biggest sacrifice they have made for their careers in this exclusive #IMPACT365 video!
- 1 day ago, 23 Apr 14, 2:46am -
#IMPACT365 Robbie E Gets his Busted Bursa or "BroMans" Sac Drained
To keep up to date with the latest happenings of the superstars of IMPACT WRESTLING go to for merchandise go to
- 2 days ago, 21 Apr 14, 10:44pm -

Bleacher Report WWE

  • newEnzo Amore, Sami Zayn and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News
    The latest word from WWE NXT will have Enzo Amore and Sami Zayn smiling.Amore is ditching his wheelchair and getting ready to prove how "sawft" his opponents are. For Zayn, it appears that he is on the cusp of heading to a bigger stage. WWE recent…
    - 9 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 11:30pm -
  • newStephanie McMahon's Recent Heel Run Has Elevated Her to All-Time Great Status
    Since last summer, Stephanie McMahon has been on a run as a vexing villain that invites comparisons to WWE's all-time greats.In her quest to cut Daniel Bryan like an old tree and to keep her company looking the way Triple H and Stephanie believe it…
    - 10 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 10:40pm -
  • newWWE WTF: Lil Naitch's Thumb, Roddy Piper and Big Sexy's WCW Beef, and More
    What is referee Charles Robinson doing without his thumb? What are Roddy Piper and Kevin Nash bickering about on Twitter? Who leaked the Raw script?WWE appeared to do some damage control on Raw when Cesaro lost to Rob Van Dam in the Intercontinental…
    - 12 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 7:54pm -
  • newExamining WWE's TV Deal Talks After Spike Delays TNA Renewal
    The two big stories at the business end of WWE right now are the rise of WWE Network as a long-term replacement for pay-per-view and other forms of traditional distribution, and their efforts to boost revenue to unprecedented levels in securing a new…
    - 13 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 7:26pm -
  • newBig Show Best Suited for WWE Tag Team Division at This Stage in His Career
    Big Show's time chasing world championships and headlining events is done, but the WWE tag team division offers him a more viable option than lumbering into the sunset."The World's Largest Athlete" still possesses enough star power to make him a va…
    - 14 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 6:43pm -
  • newKane's Return to Original Gimmick Will Salvage a Disappointing Year
    To say that Kane has not had the greatest of years to this point would be an understatement.As Corporate Kane, the Director of Operations under the Authority, it appeared as though the former Big Red Monster would have the opportunity to showcase so…
    - 14 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 6:21pm -
  • newFull Career Retrospective and Greatest Moments for X-Pac
    The on-screen personality of any given performer can single-handedly affect the perception of that man or woman. That is the case with X-Pac, whose somewhat grating persona on screen overshadowed his resume of tremendous matches.One of the most unde…
    - 15 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 5:18pm -
  • new7 Greatest Moments in Evolution's History
    Evolution most often thrilled WWE fans when it was splintering.Friction between Ric Flair, Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista not only created a number of classic moments but also helped catapult two emerging talents into headlining status. Today,…
    - 15 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 4:47pm -
  • newWWE Classic of the Week: Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena at ECW One Night Stand 2006
    Some nights in wrestling history will forever be remembered as iconic and groundbreaking—nights where the crowd almost took control of an event and helped one guy ride on a sea of emotion toward ultimate success.CM Punk's victory at Money in the B…
    - 16 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 3:46pm -
  • newBig E Must Benefit from Intercontinental Championship Tournament
    All this fanfare around an intercontinental championship tournament, and I almost forgot who the champion was.Big E is getting matches on every program but Monday Night Raw. I understand and somewhat admire WWE for actually having storylines and con…
    - 17 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 3:01pm -
  • newWWE 2K15: 10 Changes We Absolutely Must Have for WWE 2K15
    WWE 2K14 is a remarkable game. We know as much. But what makes the game so frustrating are the glaring imperfections that restrain the game from reaching legendary levels of gaming excellence.That is to say, the effort on behalf of the development t…
    - 17 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 2:50pm -
  • newProjecting Batista and Randy Orton's Future as Potential Corporate Tag Team
    With the recent reformation of Evolution, the WWE Universe has been put on notice that there might just be a new collective sheriff in town.Granted, that group of sheriffs features three men who have held a world title in WWE a combined 31 times.A…
    - 18 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 2:17pm -
  • newWWE Extreme Rules 2014: Worst Title Changes at PPV
    There have been several twists and turns in terms of championship changes in the short history of Extreme Rules, with plenty of drama in the five editions hosted to date.And whilst some of them have been fully merited or fully necessary for the comp…
    - 20 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 12:40pm -
  • newWWE News: Thoughts on an Update on Bray Wyatt's Character Plans
    Since his full roster debut back in July of last year, Bray Wyatt has taken the WWE by storm.After ditching the dead-end Husky Harris gimmick, the company repackaged the third-generation superstar as an eerie cult leader, who dubbed himself the Eate…
    - 21 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 11:34am -
  • newWWE Extreme Rules 2014: Stars Under the Most Pressure at PPV
    Extreme Rules provides a rare opportunity for the WWE's midcard talent to make a mark on the company after a difficult few months.With the plethora of part-time guys now taking a back seat again following WrestleMania XXX, the opportunity is there f…
    - 22 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 10:39am -
  • newFacing Triple H Would Elevate Roman Reigns as a Singles Star in WWE
    The Shield is beginning a war with Triple H and the newly reunited Evolution.  Batista and former WWE world champion Randy Orton are firmly by Hunter's side, while Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are standing tall and ready for battle.A…
    - 23 hours ago, 23 Apr 14, 9:10am -
  • WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis for April 25, 2014
    With a monumental showdown against Evolution at Extreme Rules looming, The Shield takes center stage on this week's SmackDown.Again on the wrong end of a numbers game, they refuse to sit back and allow themselves to be beaten down and left for dead.…
    - 1 day ago, 23 Apr 14, 5:40am -
  • Alexander Rusev Will Quickly Emerge as Strong Heel Title Contender
    Alexander Rusev is a difficult man to like.Luckily for him, that’s more than can be said about most heels in WWE today. So far, so good.In an era where an increasing vocal pocket of fans feel they are not above cheering for villains, some WWE heel…
    - 1 day ago, 23 Apr 14, 2:51am -
  • WWE Main Event Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Analysis from April 22
    Welcome to Bleacher Report's recap of WWE Main Event. Here is where we take a look at what happened on the show, examining the winners, reactions to matches and any possible ramifications coming out of the program.This week featured four matches and…
    - 1 day ago, 23 Apr 14, 2:17am -
  • WWE Raw Review: Kane, Daniel Bryan, Evolution and More
    WWE Raw was a showcase of confusing alliances, with Wade Barrett, Cesaro and Bray Wyatt somehow standing out as three of the top babyfaces on the show. As with any form of entertainment, WWE is best when a villain drives people to a television set to…
    - 1 day ago, 22 Apr 14, 11:47pm -
  • WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Brock Lesnar, Batista and More
    Schedule issues are the focal point of the latest WWE rumors, including when fans can expect Brock Lesnar back and when they can count on Batista leaving.WWE's roster is set to experience some thinning out in the near future. Not only will Lesnar an…
    - 1 day ago, 22 Apr 14, 10:22pm -
  • Sheamus Desperately Needs Heel Turn to Save His WWE Career
    Back in 2009, a rogue Irishman by the name of Sheamus appeared on Raw for the very first time. His impact on the company was immediately huge, as he dismantled Jamie Noble in ruthless fashion.He forced Noble into retirement and continued mercilessly…
    - 2 days ago, 22 Apr 14, 8:08pm -
  • Bad News Barrett's Last Chance for Superstardom in WWE Is Right Now
    After four years on WWE's main roster, it's looking like Wade Barrett may finally be coming into his own with the Bad News Barrett gimmick.  While it initially looked like a fun comedic diversion, the new persona has allowed him to stand out from t…
    - 2 days ago, 22 Apr 14, 7:21pm -
  • WWE Extreme Rules: Most Likely Breakout Stars at the Event
    Look for several stars to use WWE’s Extreme Rules event next month as an opportunity to break out and establish themselves.The first name that springs to mind is, of course, Paige.The 21-year-old is currently scheduled to take on Tamina Snuka at…
    - 2 days ago, 22 Apr 14, 7:04pm -
  • John Cena's Feud with Bray Wyatt Has Elevated Both Stars
    The John Cena and Bray Wyatt feud is a case of an established star and an emerging talent benefiting from their battles.For Wyatt, the rivalry is a spotlight illuminating a monster's fangs. For Cena, it forces a hero to question himself, to grow aft…
    - 2 days ago, 22 Apr 14, 6:25pm -
  • Kane's Return to Old Gimmick Makes Daniel Bryan Match a Compelling One
    Kane's flirtation with the executive life has ended just in time to offer Daniel Bryan a monster to topple at Extreme Rules.Monday's Raw opened with Kane showcasing that he has reembraced his destructive ways. With just one merciless beating, Kane h…
    - 2 days ago, 22 Apr 14, 4:49pm -
  • WWE Extreme Rules 2014: Worst Event Cards in PPV's History
    The wild and chaotic nature of Extreme Rules has made for one of the more entertaining and anticipated events of the year. In recent years, it has proceeded WrestleMania and featured some outstanding rematches of the show's top bouts.While the show…
    - 2 days ago, 22 Apr 14, 4:43pm -
  • WWE Raw: 5 Talking Points to Come from Monday Night's Show
    Monday Night Raw continued its recent fine form this week, with the momentum gained at WrestleMania XXX showing no signs of letting up.We saw a couple of brutal beatings, completely in keeping with the theme of the upcoming Extreme Rules special eve…
    - 2 days ago, 22 Apr 14, 3:42pm -
  • WWE Raw Results: Biggest Winners and Losers After April 21
    On the April 21 edition of WWE Raw, the night belonged to the monsters.Kane's onslaught and Bray Wyatt's ballad compelled fans more than anything else the show had to offer. Those two savages and Bad News Barrett most improved their positions. Cha…
    - 2 days ago, 22 Apr 14, 3:27pm -
  • The Good, the Great and the Awesome from Raw 4/21/14
    The April 21 episode of Monday Night Raw is in the books, and Extreme Rules is beginning to take shape.The Shield and Evolution once again confronted each other as the major six-man tag match between the two trios on May 4 rapidly approaches. The Ho…
    - 2 days ago, 22 Apr 14, 2:00pm -

Botchamania YouTube

Botchamania 230 ending (Alice In WonderingwhythefuckIwatchRaw)
Uploading this separately because I'm happy with how it turned out and also to inform my loyal Windjammers that this channel has two account warnings and is now dead as a Cesaro push. For the new Botchamanias: /watch?v=zM7JDGkFdi4
- 5 May 13, 12:38pm -
Botchamania 229
-Super-No-Advert--New-Intro-Wrestlemania Botchamania-Hotter than the dry ice on Triple H's chest and colder than Thatcher, it's Botchamania 229: Gregory Iron Man 3!Thanks to...SkywardCinema for the brand new intro. A few people have sent intros…
- 8 Apr 13, 11:24pm -
WWE on Sky Sports intro (2005)
Sky Sports getting Booker T to say ''WE'RE HERE FA YOU'' and making us think of that promo every time it's on: awesome.
- 1 Apr 13, 9:49pm -
Sabu & Damien vs. Dr. Luther & Yone Genjin
HEY ABOUT A RANDOM SABU MATCH FOR NO REASONFMW 1994-05-05 5th Anniversary ShowDamien was really fun in Japan.
- 25 Mar 13, 12:38am -
Botchamania 228
Ruining people's lives quicker than the budget, it's Botchamania 228: Tekken Anderson!Music...Treasure Island Dizzy by David WhittakerThe Decisive Battle by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy V)The Last Battle by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy V)Bridge…
- 20 Mar 13, 3:49pm -
Botchamania 39
The only thing I remember about this one is everybody disliking the first song.Music...*Battle With Wario by Kazumi Totaka (Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins)*Baby Park by Shinobu Tanaka and Kenta Nagata (Mario Kart: Double Dash!!)
- 19 Mar 13, 3:48pm -