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  • Possible TNA Departure, Knockouts Division Politics, Christy Hemme Pregnant
    Possible Departure, TNA Knockouts Update TNA Wrestling has removed ODB from the Roster page over on This usually happens a worker has departed the company, however, we cannot confirm that as fact as of press time. It’s worth no…
    - 2 days ago, 22 Aug 14, 12:12am -
  • Impact Audience Down Big Following Move To Wednesday Night
    This week’s episode of Impact Wrestling did an average viewing audience of 852,000 viewers on Spike TV. A drop off was likely expected as this was the first episode in the Wednesday timeslot. Further, the announcement was made with less than a week…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 10:49pm -
  • TNA Announces New Multi-Year Deal With Supersport In Africa
    TNA Wrestling announced a new multi-year deal with Supersport to carry their programming in Africa. The official press release is attached below: MULTI-YEAR DEAL WITH SUPERSPORT IN AFRICA GIVES TNA IMPACT WRESTLING FANS ACCESS TO PROGRAMMING THROUGH…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 8:54pm -
  • Ethan Carter III Talks Impact’s Big Move, Success In TNA Wrestling
    Donald Wood and the Ring Rust Radio crew interviewed Ethan Carter III. He put over Impact Wrestling’s move to Wednesday nights and talked about succeeding in TNA after being underutilized in WWE. You can listen to the interview at this link or embe…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 8:42pm -
  • More WWE ALS Ice Bucket Challenges; Favorite Cartoon Characters & Vacation Spots On WWE Inbox
    WWE ALS Ice Bucket Challenges Zack Ryder, Goldust, Renee Young, Summer Rae & Darren Young are among the latest WWE talent to accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Their videos are embedded below: Zack Ryder Goldust Renee Young Summer Rae Darren Young…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 6:43pm -

  • newIs The Attitude Era Successful Without Madusa?
    If you can go back in time and change just a tiny moment, would it have a huge effect? Can one event not happening make a big difference? What rippling effect would it have on the history that we know? I recently watched the Monday Night Wars on the…
    - 8 hours ago, 23 Aug 14, 4:44am -
  • newFantasy Booking John Cena: Now Until WrestleMania 31
    This article was submitted to me by community writer Ric Santos! Make sure you check it out and give your thoughts: John Cena. Reading or speaking the name brings about various feelings in various degrees. Love, hate, respect, despise, all in heighte…
    - 8 hours ago, 23 Aug 14, 4:38am -
  • newThe World Title Is Defended TOO Often
    I love hearing what Paul Heyman has to say when he conducts an interview. In one of his more recent interviews, he said something that I had never considered previously. Since he’s deemed by some to be a “visionary” in the wrestling business, I…
    - 11 hours ago, 23 Aug 14, 2:04am -
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events for Daniel Bryan
    Daniel Bryan was riding as high as someone can coming out of Wrestlemania 30. He won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania beating HHH, Orton, and Batista over the course of 2 matches. And On Smackdown after WM30 he was endorsed by W…
    - 1 day ago, 22 Aug 14, 3:35am -
  • How To Keep The Rollins/Ambrose Feud Going
    What’s up everyone!? You guys are in for a special treat because tonight is the night I try something I have never done before. Tonight, I shall write a humorous article. This is the first time I’ve ever tried something like this, and I wanted to…
    - 1 day ago, 22 Aug 14, 1:22am -
  • UK Wrestling Digest – Issue 2
    Hello once again British wrestling fans and welcome to the second instalment of the UK Digest. I was going to end up posting an overview of Insane Championship Wrestling as news was a little scarce this week but I managed to dig out a few bits that w…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 9:04pm -
  • WWE Fans Still Not Happy?
      As the old adage goes lets pay our mortgage before we pay our gym membership and get the obvious out of the way………….the majority of WWE fans do not like John Cena, in fact to a minority and certain cities its downright hate. The picture ab…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 7:36am -
  • Ultimate Night of Champions
    Night of Champions is the next WWE pay-per-view. So I will pick my Ultimate Night of Champions. For this one, I only considered the Championship matches. Night of Champions has had five non-title matches, but you won’t see any of those on here. Thi…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 1:59am -
  • Can You Be Too Dominant?
    I think we all knew that Brock Lesnar was walking out of SummerSlam as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. What I doubt everyone expected was the beating John Cena received in that squash match. I mean, it can’t be said enough that the beating…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 1:11am -
  • You Call That Creative?
    So, heard any good jokes lately? There’s one out there right now that got a hearty laugh out of me this week, lets see if you find it as funny as I did. So, WWE pitches a storyline, then they completely change course roughly an hour later, in the p…
    - 3 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 12:34am -
  • Now It’s Time To Appreciate Cena
    Sunday at Summerslam saw one of the most brutal and uncomfortable main events I can ever remember watching as a wrestling fan when John Cena was completely dominated by Brock Lesnar. I don’t even quite think dominated is a strong enough word becaus…
    - 3 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 7:57pm -
  • Early Predictions For Best Superstar
    Tonight I will be telling all you lucky readers my early predictions for who will receive the Slammy Award of Superstar of the Year. The Slammy Awards happen every year in December, and the winners are chosen by a fan vote. Some of the categories inc…
    - 3 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 2:55am -
  • Funny Questions From Raw 8/18/14 I Still Want Answers To

    - 3 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 2:31am -
  • Mick Foley Comedy Show Review
    On August 1st I received the opportunity to meet a legend and a man who I have admired for years upon years, a man who has helped shape the course of my life, Mick Foley. I say this with no exaggeration, that I have read all 4 of Foley’s biographie…
    - 4 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 1:44am -
  • Ring Of Honor Newsletter – Raymond Rowe Injured, From ROH To WWE, Thanks Steen Thanks
    Last week I introduced a new series here on, the Ring of Honor Newsletter. As we continue to bring you coverage of indie wrestling, I have found that ROH is a great company to cover. In the first newsletter, I talked about how many great…
    - 5 days ago, 18 Aug 14, 10:10pm -
  • It’s About Time
    Going into SummerSlam, I was pretty sure we would only see one title change, and that would involve the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Instead, we witnessed three title changes in one night! The one that shocked the most had to have been Dolph Z…
    - 5 days ago, 18 Aug 14, 3:05pm -
  • Summerslam Look Ahead: 2014
    Over the past couple of days I posted articles where I have relived my experiences from past Summerslam events that I have attended 2009, 2010, 2011. Since I will be attending Summerslam tonight in this article I am going to talk about what I expect…
    - 6 days ago, 17 Aug 14, 3:57pm -
  • The Five-Count: Countdown To SummerSlam
    SummerSlam is finally upon us! It’s an exciting event and I look forward to every year. This year’s event has nine matches scheduled. We will see two divas matches, former friends face off in a Lumberjack match, two passionate wrestlers will batt…
    - 6 days ago, 17 Aug 14, 4:54am -
  • Summerslam Look Back 2011: Summer of Punk
    2011 was the last time I attended Summerslam. It was marked the third year in a row that I attended and this show was awesome. A few key things happened in 2011. First right after Wrestlemania Edge had to retire. This opened the door for Christian to…
    - 7 days ago, 16 Aug 14, 6:15pm -
  • SummerSlam Nursery Rhymes
    The 27th annual SummerSlam is upon us. It is one of the oldest WWE pay-per-views. Only Wrestlemania, Survivor Series and Royal Rumble are older. So in honor of this WWE staple in August, I present to you the SummerSlam nursery rhymes. Lumberjack Matc…
    - 8 days ago, 16 Aug 14, 12:24am -
  • Is Stephanie Vs Brie Best For Business?
    No doubt SummerSlam has a great build this year. With Network (re)subscriptions looming WWE has gone all out in its promotion of the biggest event of the summer. Naturally John Cena vs Brock Lesnar has received the lions share of air time, and rightl…
    - 8 days ago, 15 Aug 14, 11:18pm -
  • SummerSlam Look Back 2010: Nexus Or Forget Us
    My last article I look back at my experience when I attend Summerslam 2009, read here. This article I will look at my experience at Summerslam 2010. This event skips my mind. I know that I attend 3 Summerslams in a row but I always forget about 2010…
    - 8 days ago, 15 Aug 14, 7:08pm -
  • NXT Review (8/14/14) -Tag Tournament Continues, Neville vs. Breeze
    Tournament: The Vaudevillains def. Mojo Rawley & Bull Dempsey (2:52) I’ve enjoyed seeing the last two weeks of NXT start off with a match in the tag team tournament. I thought this was a good match up that saw The Vaudevillains get the victory afte…
    - 8 days ago, 15 Aug 14, 4:01pm -
  • Ultimate Bash at the Beach
    Hulk Hogan’s birthday party inspired me to do an Ultimate Series.  The Ultimate show, I decided to do was Bash at the Beach.  There is a certain match that inspired me to do this show.  If you know the history of WCW, I’m sure you can figure o…
    - 8 days ago, 15 Aug 14, 1:41am -
  • SummerSlam Look Back 2009: Dreaded Red Light
    Living in California, and not just California but 2 hours away from the Staples Center being able to go to Summerslam is very easy for me since Los Angeles has become the official home for Summerslam. 2009 was the first Summerslam in Los Angeles and…
    - 9 days ago, 14 Aug 14, 11:54pm -
  • Introducing: Tatevik The Gamer
    The Introducing series is going to be my way of introducing you to talent that few of you may know, many of you should know, and that I believe you need to keep an eye on and to check out when you get a chance. This will not be limited to wrestlers f…
    - 9 days ago, 14 Aug 14, 11:03am -
  • Reflecting On: Summerslam 2013
    This Sunday sees the biggest party of the Summer return to Pay Per View as WWE Summerslam 2014 emanates from the Staples Centre in Los Angeles. This will of course be the first year the event takes place on the WWE Network and will be the biggest sho…
    - 10 days ago, 13 Aug 14, 9:58pm -
  • Why Wrestling? Jonny Goldsmith
    We all have that “special place,” we can go to take us away from the real world. A place we can go to just get away when we can’t physically go or we need to take our mind off our stressful  lives at times. Everyone has something, for most of…
    - 10 days ago, 13 Aug 14, 5:41pm -
  • WWE Needs To Spice Things Up
    I have been a wrestling fan ever since I was around five years old. There hasn’t been a time in my life where I was bored while watching wrestling. Every Monday night, Raw would be the highlight of my day. Two hours of pure entertainment, and it ev…
    - 10 days ago, 13 Aug 14, 4:11am -
  • Ring Of Honor Newsletter – A Look At The Company, Kevin Steen’s Final ROH Match
    Since added the indie wrestling section to the site, I’ve been looking for something or a promotion to write about. I have attended one local indie show out of St. Louis. I watch Ring of Honor on a weekly basis now and I have decided t…
    - 11 days ago, 12 Aug 14, 11:35pm -
  • UK Wrestling Digest – Issue 1
    Welcome to the first of a weekly column where I talk about some of the biggest news from the past week on the UK independent wrestling scene. I will be scouring the internet each week to bring you what I believe to be the biggest news that has impact…
    - 12 days ago, 11 Aug 14, 10:04pm -
  • It’s Not About the Money, It’s About Sending a Message
      Coming out of Raw last week there was one CLEAR message that WWE was sending us. $9.99!  The WWE network is only $9.99! They repeated it!  They wrote it on paper!  They made jokes about it!  They did math for it!  Man oh man, the WWE Network…
    - 12 days ago, 11 Aug 14, 8:56pm -
  • SummerSlam (2014) Fantasy Card Part 2
    Another pay per views event, another Fantasy Card. If you are new to this series let me break it down for you. I take the direction the stories in WWE have gone, and adjust or completely change them if needed to bring about a better pay per view. I h…
    - 12 days ago, 11 Aug 14, 8:24pm -
  • SummerSlam (2014) Fantasy Card Part 1
    Another pay per views event, another Fantasy Card. If you are new to this series let me break it down for you. I take the direction the stories in WWE have gone, and adjust or completely change them if needed to bring about a better pay per view. I h…
    - 13 days ago, 10 Aug 14, 11:11pm -
  • So Long, Farewell Alberto Del Rio
    In honor of Alberto Del Rio, I’m going to relive some of his most memorable moments. Instead of just writing about them, I am going to put them in rhyme. If anyone is curious, I got the title from the Sound of Music, but it’s not to the theme of…
    - 14 days ago, 9 Aug 14, 11:57pm -
  • The Five-Count: Mark Henry Returns, Alberto Del Rio Is Released (Or Is He?), Raw Is A Mess
    Wrestling is something that can change your mood in a matter of seconds. You can be really happy about Daniel Bryan beating Triple H in the first match at WrestleMania and then instantly be speechless and somewhat disappointed when watching Brock Les…
    - 14 days ago, 9 Aug 14, 7:20pm -
  • NXT Review (8/8/14) – The InZayn Exotic Express
    Tournament: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady def. Jason Jordan & Tye Dillinger (5:20) This was a perfect start to the tag team tournament. I wanted both teams to get far in it, but of course that isn’t the case. This was a good match with fun tag team ac…
    - 15 days ago, 8 Aug 14, 10:39pm -
  • WWE 2K15 News (Round 1)
    WWE 2K15 is scheduled to be released on October 28th 2014 but the buzz has already begun. It all started with The Man Called… Sting being advertised as the pre-order bonus character just like the Ultimate Warrior was for last year’s game. That is…
    - 15 days ago, 8 Aug 14, 3:49am -
  • SummerSlam vs. Wrestlemania: Best Show
    My last article, I looked at the four best Intercontinental Championship matches from SummerSlam and Wrestlemania. Now I’ll compare the best show of Wrestlemania and SummerSlam. Now some might disagree with me but to me the best are Wrestlemania X-…
    - 16 days ago, 7 Aug 14, 2:32am -
  • POWW Entertainment – 8/4/2014
    This past weekend I was treated to a POWW Entertainment show by The Moretti Agency.  I am slowly venturing out into the other Independents in the area.  I was told this was a must see show.  It really was.  I do apologize because there were new p…
    - 17 days ago, 6 Aug 14, 9:46pm -

WWE YouTube

Jack Swagger vs. Seth Rollins: SmackDown, Aug. 22, 2014
Seth Rollins attempts to continue his successful week when he faces Jack Swagger on SmackDown.
- 11 hours ago, 23 Aug 14, 2:00am -
Natalya vs. Paige: SmackDown, Aug. 22, 2014
Natalya goes one-on-one with Divas Champion Paige as former titleholder AJ Lee watches from ringside.
- 11 hours ago, 23 Aug 14, 2:00am -
Stardust & Goldust vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan: SmackDown, Aug. 22, 2014
Stardust & Goldust collide with The Wyatt Family's Luke Harper & Erick Rowan.
- 11 hours ago, 23 Aug 14, 2:00am -
Sin Cara vs. Rusev: SmackDown, Aug. 22, 2014
Rusev squares off with Sin Cara and then encounters an angry Mark Henry.
- 11 hours ago, 23 Aug 14, 2:00am -
Roman Reigns vs. The Miz: SmackDown, Aug. 22, 2014
Roman Reigns clashes with The Miz and then deals with an angry Viper.
- 11 hours ago, 23 Aug 14, 2:00am -
Rob Van Dam vs. Randy Orton: SmackDown, Aug. 22, 2014
Randy Orton tries to ground the high-flying Rob Van Dam.
- 11 hours ago, 23 Aug 14, 2:00am -

  • newTale Of The Tape: Impact 8/20/14
    The opening video to this week’s Impact was epic to say the least. The negative effect really set the tone for the video. The problem with this episode of Hardcore Justice is that I didn’t know it was happening until last week when they ran throu…
    - 16 hours ago, 22 Aug 14, 8:32pm -
  • The Rise And Fall Of Gunner
    If you asked almost any TNA fan who the ‘next big thing’ in the company was in early 2014, almost everybody would say Gunner. After a couple years of just kinda being there it looked like he was going to be the next breakout star. In 2013, for a…
    - 1 day ago, 22 Aug 14, 3:39am -
  • Where Did Eric Young Come From?
    Bobby Lashley has defeated “The Fighting Champion” Eric Young in a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship. Bobby Lashley has defeated “The Charismatic Engima” Jeff Hardy for the title. Bobby Lashley has defeated “The Common Denomina…
    - 2 days ago, 22 Aug 14, 12:41am -
  • Alberto Del Rio For TNA World Champion?, Vince Russo Partnership, If Elix Skipper Will Ever Be X-Division Champion, Thoughts On Low Ki Vs. Samoa Joe, Low Ki And Homicide As A Tag Team
    So, welcome to another installment of #TNATalk as I answer your questions you sent to me involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by u…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 9:26pm -
  • ODB’s Profile Removed From TNA’s Site, New TV Deal In Africa
    ODB Gone From TNA? ODB’s profile on has been placed in the alumni section, leading to belief that she is gone from TNA Wrestling. It’s worth noting that ODB last appeared in April on an episode of Xplosion. ODB joined the comp…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 8:50pm -
  • TNA Wrestling Remains On Spike TV For The Rest Of The Year
    In somewhat of an out of the blue announcement, TNA Wrestling announced today that Impact Wrestling will remain on Spike TV for the remainder of 2014. On top of that, Dixie Carter was quoted in saying that contract negotiations with Spike TV are “o…
    - 3 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 10:52pm -
  • A Step Down For Samoa Joe
    There are three main TNA originals that every TNA Wrestling fan instantly knows. These three are AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe. The first two are gone from TNA. When I tell people that Samoa Joe is over with casual fans, I do not mean…
    - 3 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 3:50am -
  • TNA Needs To Tell Stories
    There was a point MANY years ago where I thought that the best way to get ratings was to stack a show with top quality matches. Throw together The Rock vs Steve Austin, Chris Jericho vs Edge, Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Myserio, Lita vs Trish Stratus and T…
    - 3 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 3:00am -
  • Bram… The New Monster
    On tomorrow’s Impact Wrestling episode… yes, tomorrow – Wednesday… it will be Bram vs. Abyss. WWE played their audience this past Monday on Raw where they had the fans vote for either a No Disqualification match, No Holds Barred match, or a F…
    - 4 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 12:23am -
  • A Look At Lashley: Part Five
    “Last I looked at Impact, Bobby Lashley was the champion. And he certainly looks the part. Looks like a decent fit. You know, Bobby’s a great athlete. If he really committed himself to the craft of pro wrestling, and I’m not saying that he’s…
    - 4 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 10:25pm -
  • Tale Of The Tape: Impact 8/14/14
    TNA dedicated the opening video to this Impact to last week’s Impact, or more specifically, one moment in last week’s Impact. You guessed it, it’s the Dixie/table spot. They really made it seem like a big deal like it should. However, I have no…
    - 5 days ago, 18 Aug 14, 8:46pm -
  • Interesting TNA Wrestling News & Notes – Departure, Bully Ray Says “Goodbye”?, More Tapings Announced
    Latest TNA Wrestling Departure I went to TNA Wrestling‘s live event show in Indiana, Pennsylvania this past Friday. While I will pen an article about my time and experience at the event, I had the privilege to meet up with Rafael Moffi, TNA’s Dir…
    - 5 days ago, 18 Aug 14, 5:36pm -

Wrestling DVD News

  • new#DateABroMan: The BroMans are Looking For Love! ENTER NOW!
    As some great Jersey Juice Head once said, “you don’t bring sand to the beach”. All summer long, The BroMans have been the lady killers of Seaside; clubbing, picking up chicks and, of course, tanning. However, as the summer comes to a close, th…
    - 15 hours ago, 22 Aug 14, 10:00pm -
      JOHANNESBURG (August 21, 2014): TNA IMPACT WRESTLING will continue to be broadcast throughout Sub-Saharan Africa until 2019, thanks to an agreement between TNA and the continent’s leading sports broadcaster SuperSport.The deal means that fan…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 3:41pm -
  • IMPACT Coverage: Hardcore Justice! New Contender to Heavyweight Title, Championships Retained? More..
     IMPACT Coverage by Bobby JamesAugust 20, 2014Welcome to Hardcore Justice, emanating from New York Ciy!MATCH #1:Stairway to JaniceBRAM vs. ABYSSAbyss and Bram open the show.  They battle back and forth until the ring is full of monstrous wea…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 3:10am -
      NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Aug. 20, 2014) – President Dixie Carter issued the following statement today:“IMPACT WRESTLING will remain a vital part of Spike TV's programming on Wednesday nights, 9/8c, through the end of the year. Negotiations remai…
    - 3 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 7:35pm -
  • The #1 Contender Decision To Be Revealed On Wednesday's Edition of IMPACT!
    Chaos erupted on Wednesday night when, at the end of the 6-Sides of Steel match, both Eric Young and Bobby Roode escaped the cage at the exact same moment. Fans have been debating who the #1 contender should be, the locker room has been abuzz with w…
    - 4 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 9:04pm -
  • Blockbuster Match Announced For Next Week!
    Announced last night! This coming Wednesday, August 27, will feature a tag team match of epic proportions. The Wolves will defend their TNA World Tag Team Championships in a 3-way match against The Hardys and Team 3D. This will kick off a series of m…
    - 4 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 8:41pm -
  • Controversy Continues: Who Is The Number 1 Contender?
    Last night, IMPACT ended with chaos and confusion as both Bobby Roode and Eric Young escaped 6-Sides of Steel at the same time. The winner of the match is meant to become the #1 contender for Lashley’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship but as of…
    - 4 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 7:38pm -
  • Tonight! IMPACT Kicks Off With Stairway To Janice!
    The war between Bram and Abyss has taken a most violent turn since Bram captured the sadistic Janice and used it against Abyss multiple times. Tonight’s IMPACT will kick-off with the match meant to settle the score, when Janice is hung high above…
    - 4 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 5:34pm -
  • 6 Sides of Steel Returns To Determine A New Number 1 Contender!
    Tonight, an all-out war erupts as 6-Sides of Steel returns to IMPACT for the first time since 6-Sides was chosen by the TNA fans across the globe. What better way to bring back the most deadly cage match of all-time than to use it for determining th…
    - 4 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 4:51pm -
  • The Most Anticipated X Division Match of All-Time!?
    Samoa Joe and Low Ki are two of the most respected wrestlers in the business. Tomorrow night, they face off in singles action for the first time in years – and it’s for the TNA X-Division Championship.Samoa Joe returned to the X-Division just 3…
    - 4 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 4:20pm -

TNA Wrestling YouTube

#DateABroMan: Online Dating Video Submission
Robbie and Jessie are looking for love and YOU just might be Ms. Right-For-Tonight! If you think you’re the perfect match, submit a video on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using #DateABroMan anytime before Tuesday, August 22nd, telling us what make…
- 15 hours ago, 22 Aug 14, 10:00pm -
Tag Team Match Series for the Titles Starts Next Week On IMPACT WRESTLING
Watch IMPACT WRESTLING every Wednesday on Spike TV at 9/8c. For more information go to http://www.impactwrestling.comMerchandise at
- 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 1:00pm -
Bram and Abyss Face Off in a Stairway to Janice Match (Aug. 20, 2014)
Bram and Abyss face off in a Stairway to Janice match to see who will go home with "Janice" Watch IMPACT WRESTLING every Wednesday on Spike TV at 9/8c. For more information go to http://www.impactwrestling.comMerchandise at…
- 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 6:17am -
EC3 Places the Blame for What Happened to His Aunt on One Person (Aug. 20, 2014)
EC3 comes out and pins the blame on one person for his Aunt Dixie Carter being put through a table. Watch IMPACT WRESTLING every Wednesday on Spike TV at 9/8c. For more information go to http://www.impactwrestling.comMerchandise at http://www.sho…
- 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 3:30am -
Update on the Condition of Dixie Carter (Aug. 20, 2014)
Watch IMPACT WRESTLING every Wednesday on Spike TV at 9/8c. For more information go to http://www.impactwrestling.comMerchandise at
- 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 3:30am -
MVP Has a Message For Any Potential Contenders to the Title (Aug. 20, 2014)
Watch IMPACT WRESTLING every Wednesday on Spike TV at 9/8c. For more information go to http://www.impactwrestling.comMerchandise at http://www.shoptna.comFull Episodes online at
- 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 3:30am -

Bleacher Report WWE

  • newBrock Lesnar, Paul Heyman and Latest WWE News and Rumors from Ring Rust Radio
    Ring Rust Radio is the best wrestling show on the airwaves, and this week was no different. With strong opinions on Brock Lesnar, John Cena and more, this is where you need to go to get all of your weekly WWE nuggets.Bleacher Report featured colu…
    - 2 hours ago, 23 Aug 14, 11:00am -
  • newWWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from August 22
    Every week on Bleacher Report, I take an in-depth look at WWE SmackDown to recap the action, offer analysis and grade the matches, segments and anything else that takes place on the show. I also provide some predictions on the direction of storyline…
    - 8 hours ago, 23 Aug 14, 4:38am -
  • newDean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins Feud Captures the Spirit of the Attitude Era
    This Monday, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose created one of the most sickening moments of what is now known as the "PG Era" in WWE.It will take fans a long time to forget the image of Ambrose slumped against the remains of a stack of cinder blocks, fo…
    - 13 hours ago, 22 Aug 14, 11:43pm -
  • newWWE Turning Point: Analyzing Historical Impact of Brock Lesnar's SummerSlam Win
    For the first time in nearly 11 years, Brock Lesnar is in possession of the top title in WWE once again. This came after a devastating victory over John Cena.Only Ric Flair has held more world titles than Cena, who has been the face of WWE for the b…
    - 15 hours ago, 22 Aug 14, 9:30pm -
  • newStock Up, Stock Down for WWE NXT Prospects After Aug. 21
    Anger and intensity powered the most memorable performances on the Aug. 21 edition of WWE NXT.The second round of the tag team tournament showcased two hot prospects in Enzo Amore and Kalisto. The former showed off his range by becoming enraged, hun…
    - 19 hours ago, 22 Aug 14, 6:00pm -
  • newBrock Lesnar Should Hold WWE Title Until WrestleMania 31 is currently advertising a SummerSlam rematch, pitting Brock Lesnar against John Cena at WWE Night of Champions.Lesnar is coming off an unprecedented one-sided victory over Cena at SummerSlam, which will drum up discussion as to what Cena…
    - 19 hours ago, 22 Aug 14, 6:00pm -
  • newAnalyzing Brock Lesnar and WWE's History of Young Champions
    When a 37-year-old Brock Lesnar won the WWE World Heavyweight Title from John Cena in a one-sided affair at SummerSlam, it capped a triumphant return-to-form for Brock Lesnar. As a young phenom, Lesnar won his first WWE Championship at the tender ag…
    - 19 hours ago, 22 Aug 14, 5:59pm -
  • newHulk Hogan Threatens Brock Lesnar After Being Called out on Raw
    Hulk Hogan is known for many things inside and outside the wrestling ring, but one thing that's always been consistent with the WWE Hall of Famer is he's always in character mode. His current target is Brock Lesnar. The rift got started two weeks a…
    - 19 hours ago, 22 Aug 14, 5:33pm -
  • newWWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of Aug. 18
    SummerSlam and the surprise guests that showed up at the event inspired much of the week's most shareable WWE social media.Everyone from UFC fighter Jon "Bones" Jones to "Mean" Gene Okerlund starred in the best tweets, viral videos and Instagram pho…
    - 21 hours ago, 22 Aug 14, 4:08pm -
  • newBreaking Down the Best and Worst of the WWE for Week of Aug. 18
    SummerSlam and its aftershocks delivering thrills led to a stellar week for WWE.Brock Lesnar's path of destruction and Seth Rollins' vile attack on his old comrade highlighted WWE's programming. SummerSlam lived up to all its hype, allowing for a re…
    - 21 hours ago, 22 Aug 14, 4:00pm -
  • newDean Ambrose's Television Absence Will Help Feud with Seth Rollins
    The heated war between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins just got biblical.At the conclusion of yet another captivating match, their second in two nights, Rollins performed his violent Curb Stomp finisher on Ambrose over a cinder block.The big angle co…
    - 21 hours ago, 22 Aug 14, 4:00pm -
  • newWWE SummerSlam 2014 Results: Defeats That Sent Biggest Messages to Fans
    As the WWE Universe cools down after a blistering-hot SummerSlam event, fans are beginning to understand that a new day may have dawned on the entire WWE roster.Some of the most established and decorated Superstars on the roster were left on the los…
    - 23 hours ago, 22 Aug 14, 1:59pm -
  • newWWE NXT Results: Biggest Winners, Losers and Moments from August 21, 2014
    With Takeover 2 on the horizon, each match on the August 21 episode of NXT built conflicts that will be resolved on the show's next two-hour WWE Network event.Sin Cara and Kalisto and The Vaudevillains advanced to the finals of the tag team No. 1 Co…
    - 23 hours ago, 22 Aug 14, 1:44pm -
  • WWE SummerSlam 2014: Full Grades for Each Superstar at PPV
    The success of any great match or pay-per-view hinges on the collective performance of the Superstars and Divas involved.But that does not mean that single performances are unimportant.A Superstar's individual showing can determine their long-term…
    - 1 day ago, 22 Aug 14, 11:46am -
  • Brock Lesnar's Rematch with John Cena Must Be More Brutal Than SummerSlam Bout
    Brock Lesnar is our new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and the WWE Universe should get used to it.Those words are more prominent than ever, especially if you saw SummerSlam on August 17.Lesnar, alongside his manager Paul Heyman, entered his match…
    - 1 day ago, 22 Aug 14, 3:58am -
  • WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from August 21, 2014
    Triple H's official announcement regarding NXT Takeover 2, and the revelation that all three of the brand's top titles will be on the line at the blockbuster two-hour event, created a sense of urgency among the Superstars and the Divas of WWE develop…
    - 1 day ago, 22 Aug 14, 2:09am -
  • Examining the Art of Realistic Striking in Pro Wrestling
    The art in delivering pro wrestling strikes is finding the balance between a broken jaw and a laughing audience.Wrestlers depend on that balance each night. Punches and kicks that make the right amount of contact add excitement to a match, helping t…
    - 2 days ago, 22 Aug 14, 12:00am -
  • 2-Year-Old Adorably Names 20 WWE Wrestlers by Their Intros
    The WWE might have its youngest superfan, and it's two-year-old Beckett Sage.The toddler rattles off 20 WWE wrestlers just from hearing tiny snippets of their theme songs, and although he may not be able to fully pronounce their names, he clearly kno…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 10:56pm -
  • Indy Star Uhaa Nation Needs to Be on WWE's Radar
    The indys are home to a beast of a man in Uhaa Nation who would flourish in WWE's savannas. Nation is an acrobat stuffed into a powerhouse, an explosive athlete who looks like something a comic book artist would dream up. His athleticism, build and…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 8:54pm -
  • WWE Officials Don't Think Dean Ambrose Is Ready for the Main Event
    To turn The Shield's catchphrase around: Can you believe that?According to a report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WWE officials are not yet convinced that Dean Ambrose is ready to enter the main-event picture. Could've…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 6:24pm -
  • WWE Foolish to Reportedly Blow off Potential Kurt Angle Return
    When a WWE legend like Kurt Angle comes calling, turning him away is a thick-headed move.Angle has too much to offer in and out of the ring for WWE to not seriously consider welcoming him back for a potential return to the company. Triple H reported…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 6:03pm -
  • John Cena, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and More from the Suplex Mailbag
    Did you hear the one about John Cena getting suplexed 16 times? The Internet Wrestling Community sure did, and it's celebrating like it's Comic Con.@ThisIsNasty  Loved that butt kickin Lesnar dropped on Cena. Yelled Suplex him again!— Starsky &…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 6:00pm -
  • Will Roman Reigns Survive the Reality Era?
    Roman Reigns has passed every test thus far in his quest to become WWE’s next big star. His final test, however, will come when he is faced with the fickleness that has come to define the Reality Era.Fans of today don’t necessarily embrace top s…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 5:39pm -
  • WWE Will Squander Seth Rollins' Momentum Without Money in the Bank Cash-in
    Following his fantastic main event match with Dean Ambrose on Monday's Raw, Seth Rollins has a ton of momentum. But WWE risks squandering it if the company doesn't script him to cash in his Money in the Bank title shot soon.Rollins' profile in the c…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 4:58pm -
  • WWE SmackDown: Spoiler-Free Preview for Aug. 22
    A battle of the bizarre and Roman Reigns' second crack at The Miz highlight the Aug. 22 edition of WWE SmackDown.Goldust and Stardust lock horns with a team as odd as them, while Reigns, Jack Swagger, Paige and Randy Orton all look to taste victory.…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 3:49pm -
  • Brock Lesnar's WWE Title Win Has Silenced Critics of Victory over the Undertaker
    The conqueror has a new conquest, so the critics of the previous one have moved on.Brock Lesnar stunned the world at WrestleMania 30 when he broke The Undertaker's streak of 21 straight victories. There was no shortage of interest, and there was no…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 3:09pm -
  • WWE SummerSlam 2014 Results: Matches That Lived Up to the Hype
    Now that the WWE Universe has been able to process the results of the 2014 SummerSlam pay-per-view and the subsequent Raw, it has become clear which matches on the card lived up to the hype.With a unique mix of veteran stars and younger wrestlers ma…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 2:00pm -
  • WWE NXT: Full Preview, Rumors and More for August 21
    Welcome to Bleacher Report's preview for the August 21 episode of NXT on the WWE Network. Spoilers are already out there, but if you want to know what will happen without having the matches spoiled for you, you're in the right place.This is the f…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 11:04am -
  • WWE SummerSlam 2014: Stars Who Established Themselves as Main Eventers
    SummerSlam was largely about a main event fight between two of the biggest stars the business has ever seen, but the undercard provided an opportunity for several Superstars to shine and take that all-important next step in their careers.Not everyon…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 11:00am -
  • WWE Has No Legitimate Challenger for Brock Lesnar Following His SummerSlam Win
    Brock Lesnar won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from John Cena at SummerSlam on Sunday, August 17. In a bout that can perhaps best be described as a squash match, Lesnar practically destroyed Cena to capture the gold and the top spot on the W…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 10:21am -

  • newFinal Battle Tickets On Sale Now!
    ROH Returns to NYC With Its Biggest Event of The Year! fb14_rotor RING OF HONOR RETURNS TO NEW YORK CITY WITH FINAL BATTLE 2014 - SUNDAY…
    - 23 hours ago, 22 Aug 14, 1:55pm -
  • Enter the reDRagon 2 Disc DVD Available Now!!
    ROH Roll Out EnterThereDRagon ENTER THE reDRagon Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish came together as a unit to rid Ring of Honor of The Ameri…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 3:59pm -
  • Kevin Steen Makes His Final ROH Appearance
    08.16.14 ROH TV Available To All Members Now! IMG_6841 This week's “RING OF HONOR WRESTLING" TV is available for ALL MEMBERS by clicki…
    - 2 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 12:00pm -
  • Grudge Tag Team Match Set for ASE 6
    The Decade vs Kaz & Daniels TheDecadevsKazAndDaniels Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian vs. Roderick Strong & Jimmy Jacobs In profe…
    - 3 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 10:30pm -
  • DBD XII is This Weekend!
    Get your full preview here... DBDXIIPREVIEW DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR XII - August 22, 2014 - MILWAUKEE, WI - ROH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP- Silas…
    - 3 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 6:37pm -
    Final Battle '14 - Sun, Dec 7th, 2014 - Terminal 5 fb14_rotor RING OF HONOR RETURNS TO NEW YORK CITY WITH FINAL BATTLE 2014 - SUNDAY DEC…
    - 3 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 1:55pm -
    Elgin vs Briscoe & Cole vs Styles! ASE6_081914_UPDATE Ring of Honor's return to Toronto is shaping up to be huge! And you can see it LIV…
    - 4 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 4:25pm -
  • FIELD OF HONOR Available Now on VOD!
    FieldofHonor Available now on VOD FIELD OF HONOR from August 15th, 2014 in Brooklyn, NY!! Click HERE To Order  RING OF HONOR WRESTLING PRESENTS“FIELD OF HONOR” - FRIDAY, AUGUST 15TH, 2…
    - 4 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 12:33pm -
    Adam Pearce will be in action... AdamPearce A familiar face returns on DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR weekend! In Milwaukee and Chicago Ridge, AD…
    - 5 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 12:30am -
  • HANSON in Singles Action at DBD XII!!
    8/22 Milwaukee & 8/23 Chicago Ridge!! HansonMatches Ever since they earned each other's respect in the finals of the 2014 Top Prospect T…
    - 5 days ago, 18 Aug 14, 3:35pm -

Botchamania YouTube

Botchamania 230 ending (Alice In WonderingwhythefuckIwatchRaw)
Uploading this separately because I'm happy with how it turned out and also to inform my loyal Windjammers that this channel has two account warnings and is now dead as a Cesaro push. For the new Botchamanias: /watch?v=zM7JDGkFdi4
- 5 May 13, 12:38pm -
Botchamania 229
-Super-No-Advert--New-Intro-Wrestlemania Botchamania-Hotter than the dry ice on Triple H's chest and colder than Thatcher, it's Botchamania 229: Gregory Iron Man 3!Thanks to...SkywardCinema for the brand new intro. A few people have sent intros…
- 8 Apr 13, 11:24pm -
WWE on Sky Sports intro (2005)
Sky Sports getting Booker T to say ''WE'RE HERE FA YOU'' and making us think of that promo every time it's on: awesome.
- 1 Apr 13, 9:49pm -
Sabu & Damien vs. Dr. Luther & Yone Genjin
HEY ABOUT A RANDOM SABU MATCH FOR NO REASONFMW 1994-05-05 5th Anniversary ShowDamien was really fun in Japan.
- 25 Mar 13, 12:38am -
Botchamania 228
Ruining people's lives quicker than the budget, it's Botchamania 228: Tekken Anderson!Music...Treasure Island Dizzy by David WhittakerThe Decisive Battle by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy V)The Last Battle by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy V)Bridge…
- 20 Mar 13, 3:49pm -
Botchamania 39
The only thing I remember about this one is everybody disliking the first song.Music...*Battle With Wario by Kazumi Totaka (Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins)*Baby Park by Shinobu Tanaka and Kenta Nagata (Mario Kart: Double Dash!!)
- 19 Mar 13, 3:48pm -