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  • newNight Of Champions Dilemma
      For several weeks now WWE has been aggressively promoting $9.99 in an effort to boost network subscribers. Indeed it has been pushed so hard that not only is WWE making a joke out of it but $9.99 is now getting over with live audiences who say it…
    - 4 hours ago, 27 Aug 14, 12:50pm -
  • newWWE Superstars From A To Z
    In my last article, called A To Z Of The WWE, I looked at WWE related things that started with each letter.  In this article, I will pick a superstar whose name that starts with each letter.  Why am I doing this you ask?  I’m all about helping…
    - 14 hours ago, 27 Aug 14, 2:41am -
  • A To Z Of The WWE
    Labor Day is almost here. Where I’m from, that means children are going back to school. Over the summer, children may forget a few things that they learned in school from the previous year. As resident nursery rhymer, I write this artic…
    - 2 days ago, 25 Aug 14, 7:26pm -
  • My Thoughts On Paul Heyman Documentary
    Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Logan Howell. I am the advocate for the Paul Heyman DVD that was released on August 5th. However, I did not get my hands on it until recently. Around here, this thing was sold out at every store I went to. But as luck…
    - 3 days ago, 25 Aug 14, 1:36am -
  • Ring Of Honor Newsletter – Matt Taven Departure, Daniel Bryan’s Journey, Jay Lethal Retains
    Welcome back to another edition of the Ring of Honor Newsletter! If you’re new to this concept here on, I just go through any possible news and announcements from ROH during this last week. This week will feature the second mini-article…
    - 3 days ago, 24 Aug 14, 11:39pm -
  • The Five-Count: Roman Reigns’ Streak Continues, WWE Hits Reset With SummerSlam, Night Of Champions Card
    This has been one crazy week for WWE. I’ve expressed my frustrations with many things in WWE over the summer and somehow, WWE managed to erase some of those problems. You’ll see what I mean if you continue to read this, so let’s break down this…
    - 4 days ago, 24 Aug 14, 2:50am -
  • NXT Review (8/21/14) – Sin Cara & Kalisto Are On Fire
    Tournament: The Vaudevillains def. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady The tag team tournament continued this week as The Vaudevillains managed to beat Enzo and Big Cass to move on to the finals match. It wasn’t very long and there wasn’t much to the matc…
    - 4 days ago, 24 Aug 14, 1:56am -
  • Is The Attitude Era Successful Without Madusa?
    If you can go back in time and change just a tiny moment, would it have a huge effect? Can one event not happening make a big difference? What rippling effect would it have on the history that we know? I recently watched the Monday Night Wars on the…
    - 5 days ago, 23 Aug 14, 4:44am -
  • Fantasy Booking John Cena: Now Until WrestleMania 31
    This article was submitted to me by community writer Ric Santos! Make sure you check it out and give your thoughts: John Cena. Reading or speaking the name brings about various feelings in various degrees. Love, hate, respect, despise, all in heighte…
    - 5 days ago, 23 Aug 14, 4:38am -
  • The World Title Is Defended TOO Often
    I love hearing what Paul Heyman has to say when he conducts an interview. In one of his more recent interviews, he said something that I had never considered previously. Since he’s deemed by some to be a “visionary” in the wrestling business, I…
    - 5 days ago, 23 Aug 14, 2:04am -
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events for Daniel Bryan
    Daniel Bryan was riding as high as someone can coming out of Wrestlemania 30. He won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania beating HHH, Orton, and Batista over the course of 2 matches. And On Smackdown after WM30 he was endorsed by W…
    - 6 days ago, 22 Aug 14, 3:35am -
  • How To Keep The Rollins/Ambrose Feud Going
    What’s up everyone!? You guys are in for a special treat because tonight is the night I try something I have never done before. Tonight, I shall write a humorous article. This is the first time I’ve ever tried something like this, and I wanted to…
    - 6 days ago, 22 Aug 14, 1:22am -
  • UK Wrestling Digest – Issue 2
    Hello once again British wrestling fans and welcome to the second instalment of the UK Digest. I was going to end up posting an overview of Insane Championship Wrestling as news was a little scarce this week but I managed to dig out a few bits that w…
    - 6 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 9:04pm -
  • WWE Fans Still Not Happy?
      As the old adage goes lets pay our mortgage before we pay our gym membership and get the obvious out of the way………….the majority of WWE fans do not like John Cena, in fact to a minority and certain cities its downright hate. The picture ab…
    - 6 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 7:36am -
  • Ultimate Night of Champions
    Night of Champions is the next WWE pay-per-view. So I will pick my Ultimate Night of Champions. For this one, I only considered the Championship matches. Night of Champions has had five non-title matches, but you won’t see any of those on here. Thi…
    - 7 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 1:59am -
  • Can You Be Too Dominant?
    I think we all knew that Brock Lesnar was walking out of SummerSlam as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. What I doubt everyone expected was the beating John Cena received in that squash match. I mean, it can’t be said enough that the beating…
    - 7 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 1:11am -
  • You Call That Creative?
    So, heard any good jokes lately? There’s one out there right now that got a hearty laugh out of me this week, lets see if you find it as funny as I did. So, WWE pitches a storyline, then they completely change course roughly an hour later, in the p…
    - 7 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 12:34am -
  • Now It’s Time To Appreciate Cena
    Sunday at Summerslam saw one of the most brutal and uncomfortable main events I can ever remember watching as a wrestling fan when John Cena was completely dominated by Brock Lesnar. I don’t even quite think dominated is a strong enough word becaus…
    - 7 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 7:57pm -
  • Early Predictions For Best Superstar
    Tonight I will be telling all you lucky readers my early predictions for who will receive the Slammy Award of Superstar of the Year. The Slammy Awards happen every year in December, and the winners are chosen by a fan vote. Some of the categories inc…
    - 8 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 2:55am -
  • Funny Questions From Raw 8/18/14 I Still Want Answers To

    - 8 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 2:31am -
  • Mick Foley Comedy Show Review
    On August 1st I received the opportunity to meet a legend and a man who I have admired for years upon years, a man who has helped shape the course of my life, Mick Foley. I say this with no exaggeration, that I have read all 4 of Foley’s biographie…
    - 9 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 1:44am -
  • Ring Of Honor Newsletter – Raymond Rowe Injured, From ROH To WWE, Thanks Steen Thanks
    Last week I introduced a new series here on, the Ring of Honor Newsletter. As we continue to bring you coverage of indie wrestling, I have found that ROH is a great company to cover. In the first newsletter, I talked about how many great…
    - 9 days ago, 18 Aug 14, 10:10pm -
  • It’s About Time
    Going into SummerSlam, I was pretty sure we would only see one title change, and that would involve the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Instead, we witnessed three title changes in one night! The one that shocked the most had to have been Dolph Z…
    - 9 days ago, 18 Aug 14, 3:05pm -
  • Summerslam Look Ahead: 2014
    Over the past couple of days I posted articles where I have relived my experiences from past Summerslam events that I have attended 2009, 2010, 2011. Since I will be attending Summerslam tonight in this article I am going to talk about what I expect…
    - 10 days ago, 17 Aug 14, 3:57pm -
  • The Five-Count: Countdown To SummerSlam
    SummerSlam is finally upon us! It’s an exciting event and I look forward to every year. This year’s event has nine matches scheduled. We will see two divas matches, former friends face off in a Lumberjack match, two passionate wrestlers will batt…
    - 10 days ago, 17 Aug 14, 4:54am -
  • Summerslam Look Back 2011: Summer of Punk
    2011 was the last time I attended Summerslam. It was marked the third year in a row that I attended and this show was awesome. A few key things happened in 2011. First right after Wrestlemania Edge had to retire. This opened the door for Christian to…
    - 11 days ago, 16 Aug 14, 6:15pm -
  • SummerSlam Nursery Rhymes
    The 27th annual SummerSlam is upon us. It is one of the oldest WWE pay-per-views. Only Wrestlemania, Survivor Series and Royal Rumble are older. So in honor of this WWE staple in August, I present to you the SummerSlam nursery rhymes. Lumberjack Matc…
    - 12 days ago, 16 Aug 14, 12:24am -
  • Is Stephanie Vs Brie Best For Business?
    No doubt SummerSlam has a great build this year. With Network (re)subscriptions looming WWE has gone all out in its promotion of the biggest event of the summer. Naturally John Cena vs Brock Lesnar has received the lions share of air time, and rightl…
    - 12 days ago, 15 Aug 14, 11:18pm -
  • SummerSlam Look Back 2010: Nexus Or Forget Us
    My last article I look back at my experience when I attend Summerslam 2009, read here. This article I will look at my experience at Summerslam 2010. This event skips my mind. I know that I attend 3 Summerslams in a row but I always forget about 2010…
    - 12 days ago, 15 Aug 14, 7:08pm -
  • NXT Review (8/14/14) -Tag Tournament Continues, Neville vs. Breeze
    Tournament: The Vaudevillains def. Mojo Rawley & Bull Dempsey (2:52) I’ve enjoyed seeing the last two weeks of NXT start off with a match in the tag team tournament. I thought this was a good match up that saw The Vaudevillains get the victory afte…
    - 12 days ago, 15 Aug 14, 4:01pm -
  • Ultimate Bash at the Beach
    Hulk Hogan’s birthday party inspired me to do an Ultimate Series.  The Ultimate show, I decided to do was Bash at the Beach.  There is a certain match that inspired me to do this show.  If you know the history of WCW, I’m sure you can figure o…
    - 13 days ago, 15 Aug 14, 1:41am -
  • SummerSlam Look Back 2009: Dreaded Red Light
    Living in California, and not just California but 2 hours away from the Staples Center being able to go to Summerslam is very easy for me since Los Angeles has become the official home for Summerslam. 2009 was the first Summerslam in Los Angeles and…
    - 13 days ago, 14 Aug 14, 11:54pm -
  • Introducing: Tatevik The Gamer
    The Introducing series is going to be my way of introducing you to talent that few of you may know, many of you should know, and that I believe you need to keep an eye on and to check out when you get a chance. This will not be limited to wrestlers f…
    - 13 days ago, 14 Aug 14, 11:03am -
  • Reflecting On: Summerslam 2013
    This Sunday sees the biggest party of the Summer return to Pay Per View as WWE Summerslam 2014 emanates from the Staples Centre in Los Angeles. This will of course be the first year the event takes place on the WWE Network and will be the biggest sho…
    - 14 days ago, 13 Aug 14, 9:58pm -
  • Why Wrestling? Jonny Goldsmith
    We all have that “special place,” we can go to take us away from the real world. A place we can go to just get away when we can’t physically go or we need to take our mind off our stressful  lives at times. Everyone has something, for most of…
    - 14 days ago, 13 Aug 14, 5:41pm -
  • WWE Needs To Spice Things Up
    I have been a wrestling fan ever since I was around five years old. There hasn’t been a time in my life where I was bored while watching wrestling. Every Monday night, Raw would be the highlight of my day. Two hours of pure entertainment, and it ev…
    - 15 days ago, 13 Aug 14, 4:11am -
  • Ring Of Honor Newsletter – A Look At The Company, Kevin Steen’s Final ROH Match
    Since added the indie wrestling section to the site, I’ve been looking for something or a promotion to write about. I have attended one local indie show out of St. Louis. I watch Ring of Honor on a weekly basis now and I have decided t…
    - 15 days ago, 12 Aug 14, 11:35pm -
  • UK Wrestling Digest – Issue 1
    Welcome to the first of a weekly column where I talk about some of the biggest news from the past week on the UK independent wrestling scene. I will be scouring the internet each week to bring you what I believe to be the biggest news that has impact…
    - 16 days ago, 11 Aug 14, 10:04pm -
  • It’s Not About the Money, It’s About Sending a Message
      Coming out of Raw last week there was one CLEAR message that WWE was sending us. $9.99!  The WWE network is only $9.99! They repeated it!  They wrote it on paper!  They made jokes about it!  They did math for it!  Man oh man, the WWE Network…
    - 16 days ago, 11 Aug 14, 8:56pm -
  • SummerSlam (2014) Fantasy Card Part 2
    Another pay per views event, another Fantasy Card. If you are new to this series let me break it down for you. I take the direction the stories in WWE have gone, and adjust or completely change them if needed to bring about a better pay per view. I h…
    - 16 days ago, 11 Aug 14, 8:24pm -

WWE YouTube

Los Matadores vs. Gold and Stardust: WWE Main Event, Aug. 26, 2014
Gold and Stardust look to continue their momentum against Los Matadores.
- 15 hours ago, 27 Aug 14, 1:27am -
Adam Rose vs. Curtis Axel: WWE Main Event, Aug. 26, 2014
Curtis Axel looks to silence Adam Rose and the Rosebuds.
- 15 hours ago, 27 Aug 14, 1:23am -
Rob Van Dam vs. Seth Rollins: WWE Main Event, Aug. 26, 2014
Mr. Money in the Bank looks to pick up a victory against a former Money in the Bank winner.
- 15 hours ago, 27 Aug 14, 1:23am -
Now It's Personal - Raw Fallout - Aug. 25, 2014
The Usos say they want retribution for Gold & Stardust's actions on Raw.
- 2 days ago, 26 Aug 14, 4:17am -
Rollins Gets Reign-ed On - Raw Fallout - Aug. 25, 2014
Seth Rollins speaks about his incident with Roman Reigns.
- 2 days ago, 26 Aug 14, 3:56am -
Family Friction - Raw Fallout - Aug. 25, 2014
An emotional Brie Bella leaves the arena alone.
- 2 days ago, 26 Aug 14, 3:52am -

  • TNA Can Bank On EC3
    When I was a young kid my Mum would always stress that when I was wrong I had to admit to it. Granted it took me a few years to grasp this concept but here I am now, somewhat an adult, admitting that I was 100% wrong. When Ethan Carter III (EC3) made…
    - 4 days ago, 23 Aug 14, 9:57pm -
  • Sanada’s Time In TNA Wrestling
    On March 2, 2014, in Japan, Sanada defeated Austin Aries for the TNA X-Division Championship. On March 19, at TNA Lockdown, Sanada made his TNA Wrestling debut. Sanada teamed with The Great Muta and Yasu to wrestle against Bad Influence and Chris Sab…
    - 4 days ago, 23 Aug 14, 8:19pm -
  • Tale Of The Tape: Impact 8/20/14
    The opening video to this week’s Impact was epic to say the least. The negative effect really set the tone for the video. The problem with this episode of Hardcore Justice is that I didn’t know it was happening until last week when they ran throu…
    - 5 days ago, 22 Aug 14, 8:32pm -
  • The Rise And Fall Of Gunner
    If you asked almost any TNA fan who the ‘next big thing’ in the company was in early 2014, almost everybody would say Gunner. After a couple years of just kinda being there it looked like he was going to be the next breakout star. In 2013, for a…
    - 6 days ago, 22 Aug 14, 3:39am -
  • Where Did Eric Young Come From?
    Bobby Lashley has defeated “The Fighting Champion” Eric Young in a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship. Bobby Lashley has defeated “The Charismatic Engima” Jeff Hardy for the title. Bobby Lashley has defeated “The Common Denomina…
    - 6 days ago, 22 Aug 14, 12:41am -
  • Alberto Del Rio For TNA World Champion?, Vince Russo Partnership, If Elix Skipper Will Ever Be X-Division Champion, Thoughts On Low Ki Vs. Samoa Joe, Low Ki And Homicide As A Tag Team
    So, welcome to another installment of #TNATalk as I answer your questions you sent to me involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by u…
    - 6 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 9:26pm -
  • ODB’s Profile Removed From TNA’s Site, New TV Deal In Africa
    ODB Gone From TNA? ODB’s profile on has been placed in the alumni section, leading to belief that she is gone from TNA Wrestling. It’s worth noting that ODB last appeared in April on an episode of Xplosion. ODB joined the comp…
    - 6 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 8:50pm -
  • TNA Wrestling Remains On Spike TV For The Rest Of The Year
    In somewhat of an out of the blue announcement, TNA Wrestling announced today that Impact Wrestling will remain on Spike TV for the remainder of 2014. On top of that, Dixie Carter was quoted in saying that contract negotiations with Spike TV are “o…
    - 7 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 10:52pm -
  • A Step Down For Samoa Joe
    There are three main TNA originals that every TNA Wrestling fan instantly knows. These three are AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe. The first two are gone from TNA. When I tell people that Samoa Joe is over with casual fans, I do not mean…
    - 8 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 3:50am -
  • TNA Needs To Tell Stories
    There was a point MANY years ago where I thought that the best way to get ratings was to stack a show with top quality matches. Throw together The Rock vs Steve Austin, Chris Jericho vs Edge, Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Myserio, Lita vs Trish Stratus and T…
    - 8 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 3:00am -
  • Bram… The New Monster
    On tomorrow’s Impact Wrestling episode… yes, tomorrow – Wednesday… it will be Bram vs. Abyss. WWE played their audience this past Monday on Raw where they had the fans vote for either a No Disqualification match, No Holds Barred match, or a F…
    - 8 days ago, 20 Aug 14, 12:23am -
  • A Look At Lashley: Part Five
    “Last I looked at Impact, Bobby Lashley was the champion. And he certainly looks the part. Looks like a decent fit. You know, Bobby’s a great athlete. If he really committed himself to the craft of pro wrestling, and I’m not saying that he’s…
    - 8 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 10:25pm -

Wrestling DVD News

  • Controversy Continues: Who Is The Number 1 Contender?
    Last night, IMPACT ended with chaos and confusion as both Bobby Roode and Eric Young escaped 6-Sides of Steel at the same time. The winner of the match is meant to become the #1 contender for Lashley’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship but as of…
    - 8 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 7:38pm -
  • Tonight! IMPACT Kicks Off With Stairway To Janice!
    The war between Bram and Abyss has taken a most violent turn since Bram captured the sadistic Janice and used it against Abyss multiple times. Tonight’s IMPACT will kick-off with the match meant to settle the score, when Janice is hung high above…
    - 8 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 5:34pm -
  • 6 Sides of Steel Returns To Determine A New Number 1 Contender!
    Tonight, an all-out war erupts as 6-Sides of Steel returns to IMPACT for the first time since 6-Sides was chosen by the TNA fans across the globe. What better way to bring back the most deadly cage match of all-time than to use it for determining th…
    - 8 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 4:51pm -
  • The Most Anticipated X Division Match of All-Time!?
    Samoa Joe and Low Ki are two of the most respected wrestlers in the business. Tomorrow night, they face off in singles action for the first time in years – and it’s for the TNA X-Division Championship.Samoa Joe returned to the X-Division just 3…
    - 8 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 4:20pm -
  • I QUIT: Mr. Anderson vs Samuel Shaw Tonight!
    Since returning from the mental institution that Mr. Anderson put him in, Samuel Shaw has been attempting to make amends with all those that he wronged in TNA. With Gunner’s help and supervision, Shaw swears he’s a changed man and has been making…
    - 8 days ago, 19 Aug 14, 3:42pm -
  • IMPACT Preview: Move to Wednesday Nights, Hardcore Justice, Stairway to Janice, 6 Sides of Steel, Last Knockout Standing, I Quit Match and More!
     In a historic move, TNA IMPACT WRESTLING is making the move to Wednesday Nights at 9/8c on Spike starting this Wednesday, August 20th.  Make sure you update your DVRs for the new night so you won't miss a moment of the action.  And the move to…
    - 9 days ago, 18 Aug 14, 5:49pm -
  • TONIGHT: Who Will Be The Last Knockout Standing!?
    Last week, TNA cameras caught a wild backstage brawl between former Knockouts Champion Angelina Love and current champ Gail Kim. The brawl erupted after Gail successfully defended her title in a 4-way match against Angelina, her partner Velvet Sky a…
    - 9 days ago, 18 Aug 14, 5:40pm -
    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Aug. 14, 2014) – TNA today announced its flagship program, IMPACT WRESTLING, will make a permanent move to Wednesday nights at 9/8c on SPIKE TV beginning this Wednesday, Aug. 20. "Moving IMPACT WRESTLING to Wednesday nights give…
    - 13 days ago, 14 Aug 14, 9:15pm -
  • IMPACT Coverage: The Hardys face Team 3D, New X Division Contender, Fallout from Dixie Going Through a Table
    IMPACT Coverage by Bobby JamesAugust 14, 2014IMPACT opens with Bully Ray and a recap of Dixie Carter being powerbombed through a table!Bully says after four long months, he kept his word to the fans.  He thanks them and says he couldn’t have d…
    - 13 days ago, 14 Aug 14, 3:07pm -
  • August 7th IMPACT is Highest Rated Since February; Positive Summer Ratings Trend Continues!
     NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Aug. 13, 2014) – The Aug. 7 episode of IMPACT WRESTLING, TNA’s flagship program airing Thursday nights at 9/8c on Spike TV, drew 1.6 million viewers (P2+, +3 Rating), the largest audience since mid-February of this year. The…
    - 14 days ago, 13 Aug 14, 4:53pm -
  • Jeff Hardy and Starlight Children's Foundation Grant Wish of UK Superfan
    HARDY GRANTS WISH OF UK SUPERFANBoy Makes 3,500 Mile Trip Across The Pond To Meet Hardy and Attend #TNANYC Live Events at Manhattan CenterDuring TNA’s events in New York City last week, one Jeff Hardy superfan from the UK had a day he will alw…
    - 15 days ago, 12 Aug 14, 1:50pm -
  • What Happens After #ItHappened!?
     Months in the making, last week #ItHappened!Bully Ray, with an assist from the entire TNA Locker Room, finally got his hands on Dixie Carter and drove her through a table. Gone but not forgotten, we’re sure that Dixie’s status (and injuries)…
    - 16 days ago, 11 Aug 14, 10:22pm -
  • Hardys vs Team 3D: One More Time, Dream Matches Come To Life on IMPACT!
    It’s a feud that is often seen as the pinnacle of modern tag team wrestling. A feud that created new match-types, broke boundaries and turned 4-men into icons – and, this Thursday, you get to see it happen one more time! Of course, we’re talki…
    - 16 days ago, 11 Aug 14, 10:11pm -
  • Team MVP Continues To Dominate Despite Losing Power
    The old adage proves true, there really is strength in numbers. Even more strength when those numbers include TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley. Week after week, challengers step up to the plate and are put back down by The Destroyer. Impressive…
    - 16 days ago, 11 Aug 14, 10:01pm -
  • Are 6 Sides Enough to Contain 4 Knockouts?
    Last week on IMPACT, Gail Kim was given the opportunity to pick her opponent and grant the lucky lady a Knockouts Championship match. Some would take the easy route, pick a lesser opponent that you’re confident you can beat. However, Gail Kim is u…
    - 16 days ago, 11 Aug 14, 9:54pm -
  • IMPACT Preview: Tag Team Dream Match, Knockouts Title 4-Way, Roode/EY/Aries vs MVP, and Fallout from the Craziest Moment in TNA History!!!
    Last week saw one of the most shocking moments in TNA history, as Bully Ray finally made good on his promise and put Dixie Carter through a table. Fans and fellow wrestlers cheered emphatically, but what will the fallout be after Bully finally made…
    - 16 days ago, 11 Aug 14, 9:33pm -
  • NO LIMITS: Samoa Joe is the New King of the X-Division
    Not only is he back, he’s better than ever! We’re of course talking about Samoa Joe in the X-Division. Two weeks ago, the Samoan Submission Machine came to terms with Kurt Angle to return to the X-Division, competing in the series of 3-way match…
    - 16 days ago, 11 Aug 14, 5:27pm -
  • There's A New Monster In Town: Bram Terrorizes TNA
      A new king of extreme is on the loose in TNA and his name is Bram. Bram’s bloodlust has put the entire TNA lockerroom on high alert since his arrival earlier this year. Initially targeting Willow and viciously beating him with turnbuckles an…
    - 16 days ago, 11 Aug 14, 4:31pm -
  • Maximum IMPACT 7 Is Coming To The UK: New Wrestlers and VIP Packages Announced!
    UK fans, get ready! TNA announces Fan Interaction packages for the MAXIMUM IMPACT 7 Tour, along with the names of more international wrestling superstars who will be competing on the events in Glasgow, Manchester and London. Extra great seats, whic…
    - 17 days ago, 10 Aug 14, 7:29pm -
  • IMPACT News: Dixie Carter Breaks Back has received an update on the condition of TNA President Dixie Carter after she was power bombed through a table at the conclusion of last night’s Impact Wrestling.As IMPACT went off the air medics continued working on Dixie, c…
    - 19 days ago, 8 Aug 14, 8:56pm -
  • The Best #ItHappened Memes...So Far!
    And A looping Gif of the glorious Moment!
    - 20 days ago, 8 Aug 14, 3:52am -
  • #IMPACT365 Superstars React to Bully Ray Putting Dixie Carter Through a Table!
    #BossToss:A Chronicle of Dixie Carter Getting Put Through a Table 
    - 20 days ago, 7 Aug 14, 5:13am -
  • IMPACT Coverage: Bully Ray Puts Dixie Carter Through a Table! New X Division Champion, Al Snow Returns and More!...
    IMPACT Coverage by Bobby JamesAugust 7, 2014Bully Ray, Devon and Tommy Dreamer vow to tear the house down in tonight’s Hardcore War!  Bully Ray promises to drive Dixie Carter through a table!MATCH #1:Monster’s Ball MatchAYSS vs. BRAM w/ MA…
    - 21 days ago, 6 Aug 14, 11:16pm -
  • What HAPPENS Next!? Bully Ray Promises a Celebration Is Coming!
    Last night, after months of a frustrating chase, Bully Ray made good on his promise to TNA President Dixie Carter. To cap off an incredible show, Bully Ray put Dixie Carter through a table – with TNA’s top superstars surrounding the ring and che…
    - 24 days ago, 3 Aug 14, 11:16pm -
  • Who Will Become The NEW X-Division Champion Tonight on IMPACT?
    After 3 thrilling X-Division triple threat matches this past Thursday at Destination X, fans everywhere have been reminded why the X-Division is the most exciting division in professional wrestling today. From those matches, 3 contenders emerged and…
    - 24 days ago, 3 Aug 14, 11:10pm -
  • The Most Extreme Monsters Ball Match of All Time!?
    Thursday on IMPACT, Bram and Abyss will attend the Monsters Ball at the Manhattan Center in NYC. The feud between the two has become increasingly barbaric and has become centered on Janice, Abyss’ secret weapon that Bram recently took control of.…
    - 24 days ago, 3 Aug 14, 11:10pm -
  • #BossToss: TNA Wrestling Declares August 7th “National Put Your Boss Through A Table Day”
    Few are fortunate to work for a great leader. For the millions of others suffering from “I have the worst boss syndrome,” gritting the teeth and biting the tongue provide only a temporary fix to the daily agony of taking orders from a superior fa…
    - 24 days ago, 3 Aug 14, 11:03pm -
  • Destination X Results: Did Aries Repeat History? New Contenders for X Division Title Determined, EC3 Lays out Challenge and More!
    Impact Coverage by Bobby JamesJuly 31, 2014Welcome to Destination X, emanating from New York City!TNA President Dixie Carter appears to start the show.  She’s accompanied by EC3, Rockstar Spud, Rhino and the two mystery men who appeared last…
    - 27 days ago, 31 Jul 14, 10:54pm -
  • TNA Wrestling and DJ Z Announce New Multi-Year Deal!
     Just announced by Executive Vice President John Gaburick, TNA Wrestling is happy to announce the re-signing of DJ Z! The former X-Division Champion and incredible talent, both in and outside of the ring, signed a new multi-year deal effective imme…
    - 27 days ago, 31 Jul 14, 5:48pm -
  • TNA Wrestling Signs American War Hero Chris Melendez to Multi-Year Agreement
    TNA Wrestling is happy to announce the signing of a true American hero! Chris Melendez is a former Army Sergeant, who served his country in Afghanistan and was awarded a Purple Heart. Because of injuries suffered in combat, the brave soldier returne…
    - 28 days ago, 30 Jul 14, 8:21pm -
  • IMPACT Results: Matt Hardy Returns! Austin Aries Cashes in Option C, Great Muta Double Crossed and More!
    Impact Coverage by Bobby JamesJuly 24, 2014Video:  IMPACT Wrestling opens with a recap of Bully Ray’s quest to put TNA President Dixie Carter through a table!Christy Hemme announces the first contest:MATCH #1: Falls Count AnywhereBOBBY ROO…
    - 34 days ago, 24 Jul 14, 3:12pm -
  • Breaking News: TNA Signs New Deals With Three Wrestlers
     Happy to announce @RealBrookeAdams @TheSamuelShaw & @seiyasanada are signed to new deals with #TNA @IMPACTWRESTLING.— John Gaburick (@JohnGaburick) July 23, 2014 In a tweet from Executive Vice President John Gabur…
    - 35 days ago, 23 Jul 14, 5:53pm -
  • TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp 2 is proud to announce a very special FREE televised event coming to the UK.
    TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp 2 is proud to announce a very special FREE televised event coming to the UK. On Saturday August 16, the judges and stars of British Boot Camp will be competing in London in the 'final' of the UK portion of the Challe…
    - 37 days ago, 21 Jul 14, 7:20pm -
  • Bobby Roode and MVP: Men of Mutual Disdain
    Men of Mutual Disdain“The IT Factor” Bobby Roode has had it in for former Director of Wrestling Operations MVP for quite some time.  Ever since Roode felt the negative effects of MVP’s authority by being suspended, Roode has been on a warpath…
    - 40 days ago, 18 Jul 14, 9:56pm -
  • Rhino: Anatomy of a Betrayal
    Never has there been as been a more shocking a turn of events then Rhino’s new status as Dixie Carter’s “Hired Gun”. When you take into account the rich history he has shared with Bully Ray, Devon and Tommy Dreamer over the decades, it seems…
    - 40 days ago, 18 Jul 14, 9:11pm -
  • Will Gail Crash Taryn’s hopes of Becoming KO Champ?
     Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell are two great competitors in the Knockout Division and will square off this Thursday night in New York City for the Knockouts Championship. The former foes have a rich history of great matches but nothing tops the Last K…
    - 40 days ago, 18 Jul 14, 9:11pm -
  • Lord Lashley: Is The TNA World Champion Unbeatable?
    By Gerry Strauss@gerrystraussYou may not like his style. You might not support his decision to align with MVP. You might disapprove of his cold, business-like demeanor.  Let’s face it: there are a million reasons to dislike the current TNA Heav…
    - 40 days ago, 18 Jul 14, 9:11pm -
  • Best Street Fights in TNA History
    This Thursday on IMPACT WRESTLING will be an all out Street Fight between the newly reunited Team 3D with Tommy Dreamer and Team Carter with Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud and Rhino. takes a look back at some of the best stree…
    - 40 days ago, 18 Jul 14, 3:15pm -
  • OH MY BROTHERS, TESTIFY! The Best Feuds of Team 3D!
     TNA Hall of Famers and the most decorated tag team in the history of professional wrestling, Team 3D certainly have an argument as being the very best tag team of all time. At Slammiversary, the wrestling world was shocked to see the return of Dev…
    - 43 days ago, 15 Jul 14, 8:56pm -
  • Extreme in NYC! Devon Returns at IMPACT!
    Last night, a severe beatdown was taking place and it was Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer at the brunt of the attack. It seemed as though the Carters had really taken figured out a way to get rid of Bully and Dreamer. Then things all changed with a very…
    - 43 days ago, 15 Jul 14, 8:56pm -

TNA Wrestling YouTube

#IMPACT365 Super Fan Review of Hardcore Justice
Back Again this Week Jordan W.S. reviews this past week's episode of IMPACT WRESTLING's Hardcore Justice on it's new day of Wednesday on Spike TV. More information at http://www.impact Merchandise at
- 2 days ago, 25 Aug 14, 8:08pm -
#DateABroMan: Online Dating Video Submission
Robbie and Jessie are looking for love and YOU just might be Ms. Right-For-Tonight! If you think you’re the perfect match, submit a video on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using #DateABroMan anytime before Tuesday, August 22nd, telling us what make…
- 5 days ago, 22 Aug 14, 10:00pm -
Tag Team Match Series for the Titles Starts This Week On IMPACT WRESTLING
Watch IMPACT WRESTLING every Wednesday on Spike TV at 9/8c. For more information go to http://www.impactwrestling.comMerchandise at
- 6 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 1:00pm -
Bram and Abyss Face Off in a Stairway to Janice Match (Aug. 20, 2014)
Bram and Abyss face off in a Stairway to Janice match to see who will go home with "Janice" Watch IMPACT WRESTLING every Wednesday on Spike TV at 9/8c. For more information go to http://www.impactwrestling.comMerchandise at…
- 6 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 6:17am -
I Quit Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw (Aug. 20, 2014)
Samuel Shaw faces off against Mr. Anderson in an "I Quit" Match. Watch IMPACT WRESTLING every Wednesday on Spike TV at 9/8c. For more information go to http://www.impactwrestling.comMerchandise at
- 7 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 3:30am -
MVP Has a Message For Any Potential Contenders to the Title (Aug. 20, 2014)
Watch IMPACT WRESTLING every Wednesday on Spike TV at 9/8c. For more information go to http://www.impactwrestling.comMerchandise at http://www.shoptna.comFull Episodes online at
- 7 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 3:30am -

Bleacher Report WWE

  • newProjecting and Booking Dean Ambrose's Return to WWE TV
    As expected, Dean Ambrose was written off WWE television last Monday in an elaborate injury angle during his match with Seth Rollins.In real life, the star is taking time away to film WWE Studios' new movie Lockdown, an action thriller set in a corr…
    - 2 hours ago, 27 Aug 14, 3:04pm -
  • newBrock Lesnar's Limited Schedule Will Strengthen the WWE World Championship
    Brock Lesnar is the current reigning and defending WWE World Heavyweight champion. The man known as The Beast Incarnate is perhaps the most physically dominant champion that fans have seen in quite some time thanks to how he has been presented.But d…
    - 3 hours ago, 27 Aug 14, 1:40pm -
  • newFull Career Retrospective and Greatest Moments for Marc Mero
    When looking back on the career of Marc Mero, it is easy to forget just how solid a worker he was. After arriving in WWE, suffering a knee injury and being overshadowed by his stunning real-life wife, Sable, he faded into obscurity before disappearin…
    - 4 hours ago, 27 Aug 14, 12:42pm -
  • newWWE SmackDown Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis for August 29
    Monday night was not a good one for the Wyatt Family. They were manhandled, punished and pummeled by a motivated John Cena, with the help of Big Show and Mark Henry.Friday night, they have the opportunity to gain a measure of revenge when Harper and…
    - 14 hours ago, 27 Aug 14, 3:15am -
  • newWWE Main Event Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Analysis from August 26
    Welcome to Bleacher Report's recap of this week's Main Event. Here is where we take a look at what happened on the show, examining the winners, reactions to matches and any possible ramifications coming out of the program.The big match advertised fo…
    - 14 hours ago, 27 Aug 14, 2:25am -
  • newWhere Does Jack Swagger Go from Here?
    Admittedly, Jack Swagger's overall feud with Rusev has been quite entertaining.Swagger, already having a patriotic-heavy gimmick, was the perfect person to intercept the path of Rusev's Russian-sympathizing dominance. Moreover, it surely helps that…
    - 20 hours ago, 26 Aug 14, 8:34pm -
  • newWhy Brock Lesnar Should Beat John Cena at Night of Champions
    John Cena was booked every bit as strongly as Brock Lesnar on Monday's Raw.In a main event match against top star Bray Wyatt, Cena dominated his WrestleMania XXX opponent with suplexes. It was no secret WWE was telling a story of a better, faster…
    - 22 hours ago, 26 Aug 14, 6:52pm -
  • John Cena Should Not Regain WWE Title at Night of Champions
    One thing is for sure: At the Night of Champions pay-per-view next month, Vince McMahon must resist the urge to put the WWE World Heavyweight Championship back on John Cena.He must allow Brock Lesnar to retain the belt.It's easy to see why Cena win…
    - 1 day ago, 26 Aug 14, 4:44pm -
  • Dolph Ziggler Will Not Return to the Main Event Picture in 2014
    Dolph Ziggler appears to have salvaged what has been a forgettable 2014.Following a 2013 that saw Ziggler's biggest moment in WWE to date, his momentum fell off a cliff after he suffered an untimely concussion.A fan favorite with one of WWE's premi…
    - 1 day ago, 26 Aug 14, 2:00pm -
  • WWE Raw Results: Biggest Winners, Losers and Moments from August 25
    Following a complete dismantling at the hands of new WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, John Cena returned to Raw August 25 and was determined to send a message to the Beast Incarnate.Unfortunately for The Wyatt Family, it ca…
    - 1 day ago, 26 Aug 14, 1:07pm -
  • WWE Night of Champions 2014: Titles Most Likely to Change Hands at Event
    As you might imagine, Night of Champions has traditionally been the setting for many new champions being crowned.In fact, last year's show was the first in its history where only one belt changed hands. With three titles being won earlier this month…
    - 1 day ago, 26 Aug 14, 1:05pm -
  • WWE Classic of the Week: Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry, Night of Champions 2011
    There comes a time in every great champion's career when they are presented with a test in the form of an unstoppable force, a Superstar riding a wave of momentum that comes crashing down on anyone unlucky enough to be in his path.No matter how hard…
    - 1 day ago, 26 Aug 14, 12:08pm -
  • Poor Booking Could Put an End to The Wyatt Family as a Credible Heel Stable
    The Wyatt Family have been one of the most dominant heel stables on the WWE roster since they debuted last summer.Their wars with Daniel Bryan, The Usos and The Shield have been amongst the most engaging rivalries on WWE programming. Recently, howe…
    - 1 day ago, 26 Aug 14, 4:59am -
  • WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from Aug. 25
    John Cena emerged from his SummerSlam beating a changed man as fans saw on the Aug. 25 edition of WWE Raw.Hall of Famers doubted him, and Bray Wyatt looked up at him from the mat in disbelief. WWE piled on rows of bricks as it looked to build hype f…
    - 2 days ago, 26 Aug 14, 4:03am -
  • Report: Bad News Barrett to Return to the Ring on WWE European Tour
    It's been several months since we saw Bad News Barrett on WWE television. The powerhouse, trash-talking Brit has battled injuries for the last few years, halting his momentum each time WWE has appeared ready to give him a dedicated push.Now, it look…
    - 2 days ago, 25 Aug 14, 11:34pm -
  • Latest News and Rumors Surrounding WWE 2K15 for Aug. 25
    The full details about WWE 2K15 are emerging as slowly as The Great Khali making his way down to the ring.What has made its way out should have fans getting hyped, though. Word on special beard technology, an early hands-on review and videos of tw…
    - 2 days ago, 25 Aug 14, 11:19pm -
  • WWE Raw: Live Results, Reaction and Analysis for August 25
    Welcome to Bleacher Report's live coverage of WWE Raw for August 25.This week's show already has a lot to look forward to. According to, a Hall of Fame forum is scheduled featuring Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels.On top of those h…
    - 2 days ago, 25 Aug 14, 9:55pm -
  • Examining the Evolution of the WWE Championship Belt and Company Logo
    WWE found a new crown for its latest king, giving Brock Lesnar the latest version of its championship belt, one that bears the current WWE logo.It's hard to imagine anyone snatching away the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Lesnar, just as it…
    - 2 days ago, 25 Aug 14, 9:26pm -
  • Evaluating the Strategy of the WWE Network Roll-out so Far
    The success of the WWE Network is contingent on attracting new subscribers to the WWE Network as well as retaining existing customers.Beginning Sunday, August 24, customers who signed up on WWE Network's launch day will eclipse their initial six-mon…
    - 2 days ago, 25 Aug 14, 6:31pm -
  • Projecting Buildup for Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena at Night of Champions
    John Cena will take on Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions on Sept. 21 at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, in a rematch of their SummerSlam bout.As notes, Triple H made the official announcement on Tuesday’s Main Event.Despite th…
    - 2 days ago, 25 Aug 14, 4:21pm -
  • WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for Aug. 25
    John Cena returns, welcomed by a trio of Hall of Famers, on the Aug. 25 edition of WWE Raw.Cena hasn't appeared on WWE TV since taking a stunning beatdown from Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. After giving his swollen, bruised ego a chance to heal, he's…
    - 2 days ago, 25 Aug 14, 4:18pm -
  • Chavo Guerrero Speaks on Comic Books, WWE, TNA, Family in Exclusive Interview
    After years of battling in WWE and TNA rings, Chavo Guerrero is set to do his fighting inside the panels of a comic book.Guerrero has been a tag team champion at WCW, TNA and WWE, teaming with men like his uncle Eddie and the powerhouse Hernandez. H…
    - 2 days ago, 25 Aug 14, 3:25pm -
  • WWE Superstar Power Rankings for 8/25/2014
    In the aftermath of WWE SummerSlam 2014, the WWE Superstar Power Rankings have seen some big changes.  Last week, we saw Brock Lesnar take over the No. 1 spot, which he did not relinquish this week and may not for some time.  Nos. 2 and 3 are also…
    - 2 days ago, 25 Aug 14, 1:56pm -
  • WWE Night of Champions 2014: Most Intriguing Storylines to Track on Road to PPV
    On the heels of a creatively successful SummerSlam pay-per-view, World Wrestling Entertainment has turned its attention to the Night of Champions event on September 21, a show headlined by the second consecutive clash between John Cena and Brock Lesn…
    - 2 days ago, 25 Aug 14, 12:00pm -
  • WWE 2K15: Full Roster and Top Superstars to Use
    Now that a large chunk of the roster is known, the hype for the release of WWE 2K15 on October 28 has hit a fever pitch.Superstars of the past, present and future litter an exhaustive list of names. Thanks to 2K Sports' affinity for a realistic virt…
    - 3 days ago, 24 Aug 14, 6:17pm -
  • WWE SmackDown Moving to Thursday Nights Starting October 2
    Wrestling fans will have to adjust their schedules this fall, as WWE SmackDown is changing nights.According to the SyFy programming calendar, WWE SmackDown will remain on Friday nights through August and September but will move to Thursdays startin…
    - 3 days ago, 24 Aug 14, 4:53pm -
  • WWE: Making a Case for Brock Lesnar: The Selfish, Privileged WWE Champion
    In WWE these days, things are interesting. It's not the same routine being played out, and it's not the same characters in the spotlight. It's interesting because it's a bit more real, and no one really knows for sure where stories might go.Last Sun…
    - 3 days ago, 24 Aug 14, 10:12am -
  • Roman Reigns Is Destined to Receive Fan Resentment
    It's happening. The Reality Era, staying true to form, is beginning to turn on yet another heavily promoted phenom, and its latest victim is Roman Reigns.WWE has slowly but surely built Reigns as an up-and-coming star. Reports of his impending ris…
    - 4 days ago, 23 Aug 14, 4:00pm -
  • WWE SmackDown Results: Biggest Winners, Losers and Moments from August 21
    If ever World Wrestling Entertainment produced a placeholder episode of SmackDown, Friday night's broadcast was it.Roman Reigns squared off with The Miz for the second week in a row, while Seth Rollins met Jack Swagger in an inconsequential contest.…
    - 4 days ago, 23 Aug 14, 1:56pm -
  • WWE Programming's Best Match for Week of August 23
    Was this week the best in recent memory in terms of in-ring WWE action? It might just be, with the excellent SummerSlam pay-per-view being followed up with a compelling week of television.It is certainly an exciting time to be a WWE fan. The company…
    - 4 days ago, 23 Aug 14, 1:26pm -

  • newTwo Big ROH Events On Sale Now For RS Members
    10/9 in Chicago & 11/22 Baltimore onsale ROH returns to 115 Bourbon Street in Chicago on Thursday, October 9th and then we make our long…
    - 3 hours ago, 27 Aug 14, 2:04pm -
    ROH ROLL OUT AFTERSHOCK - 7/12/14 HOPKINS, MN (DVD) Avaialable now on DVD "AFTERSHOCK" from Hopkins, Minnesota featuring one of Kevin St…
    - 3 hours ago, 27 Aug 14, 1:27pm -
  • newNothing will stop me...
    Raymond Rowe RAYROWEUPDATE “Nothing will stop me! “ – Ray Rowe A statement from a man of few words, as he was wheeled out of reco…
    - 22 hours ago, 26 Aug 14, 7:00pm -
  • Battle of The Breakout Stars - Alexander vs Young
    Sat, Sept 6th - ASE6 - Toronto, Ontario ASE6_AlexandervsYoung BATTLE OF THE BREAKOUT STARS: Silas Young vs. Cedric Alexander When you l…
    - 1 day ago, 26 Aug 14, 2:19pm -
  • Toronto Get Ready For The Rematch
    Lethal vs ACH for the World TV Title Lethal vs ACH Rematch It's the World Television Title match everyone is talking about! On this week…
    - 2 days ago, 25 Aug 14, 9:00pm -
    IMG_5855 After his reprehensible actions at DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR in Chicago Ridge, Tommaso Ciampa has been suspended indefinitely. As an update for fans who were not in attendance in Chicago,…
    - 2 days ago, 25 Aug 14, 6:48pm -
    MILWAUKEE & CHICAGO RIDGE WERE ON FIRE DBDXIIRESULTS Ring of Honor returned to both Milwaukee and Chicago Ridge this past weekend for ou…
    - 2 days ago, 25 Aug 14, 3:00pm -
  • See The World TV Title Match Everyone Is Talking About!
    08.22.14 ROH TV Is Available For RS Members 082314ROHTV This week's “RING OF HONOR WRESTLING" TV is available for RINGSIDE MEMBERS by…
    - 2 days ago, 25 Aug 14, 1:01pm -
  • Final Battle Tickets On Sale Now!
    ROH Returns to NYC With Its Biggest Event of The Year! fb14_rotor RING OF HONOR RETURNS TO NEW YORK CITY WITH FINAL BATTLE 2014 - SUNDAY…
    - 5 days ago, 22 Aug 14, 1:55pm -
  • Enter the reDRagon 2 Disc DVD Available Now!!
    ROH Roll Out EnterThereDRagon ENTER THE reDRagon Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish came together as a unit to rid Ring of Honor of The Ameri…
    - 6 days ago, 21 Aug 14, 3:59pm -

Botchamania YouTube

Botchamania 230 ending (Alice In WonderingwhythefuckIwatchRaw)
Uploading this separately because I'm happy with how it turned out and also to inform my loyal Windjammers that this channel has two account warnings and is now dead as a Cesaro push. For the new Botchamanias: /watch?v=zM7JDGkFdi4
- 5 May 13, 12:38pm -
Botchamania 229
-Super-No-Advert--New-Intro-Wrestlemania Botchamania-Hotter than the dry ice on Triple H's chest and colder than Thatcher, it's Botchamania 229: Gregory Iron Man 3!Thanks to...SkywardCinema for the brand new intro. A few people have sent intros…
- 8 Apr 13, 11:24pm -
WWE on Sky Sports intro (2005)
Sky Sports getting Booker T to say ''WE'RE HERE FA YOU'' and making us think of that promo every time it's on: awesome.
- 1 Apr 13, 9:49pm -
Sabu & Damien vs. Dr. Luther & Yone Genjin
HEY ABOUT A RANDOM SABU MATCH FOR NO REASONFMW 1994-05-05 5th Anniversary ShowDamien was really fun in Japan.
- 25 Mar 13, 12:38am -
Botchamania 228
Ruining people's lives quicker than the budget, it's Botchamania 228: Tekken Anderson!Music...Treasure Island Dizzy by David WhittakerThe Decisive Battle by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy V)The Last Battle by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy V)Bridge…
- 20 Mar 13, 3:49pm -
Botchamania 39
The only thing I remember about this one is everybody disliking the first song.Music...*Battle With Wario by Kazumi Totaka (Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins)*Baby Park by Shinobu Tanaka and Kenta Nagata (Mario Kart: Double Dash!!)
- 19 Mar 13, 3:48pm -